August 13, 2013

Weekly Menu Aug 13

This week we have:
Oven BBQ Ribs
Old-Fashioned Pull-Apart Rolls
Spiced Plum Jam
Jam Donut Muffins

For today, Aug 13 ...

Outside my window...Sunny! Not much change here! It's still a little bit cooler, but I'm not sure how long that will last. It's not quite Fall yet, as much as I wish it was!

In the kitchen... Not much going on today, I'm waiting till the farmer's market on Saturday, then I plan to make salsa, peach jam, and who knows what else. We'll see what yumminess jumps out at me! It will be a full weekend of treat-making!

I am going... Today is catching up. Joe has his last set of shots, I have a blood check-up, tomorrow night we're going to an amusement park with the boys, open house at school is on Friday... We had our 3rd homestudy interview last night. Now she will review her notes, call with questions, write up a report, and then we schedule our last meeting, which is basically just checking off house safety. So nerve-racking!!

I am reading... The Never-Ending Story. For the millionth time. I did get a new book from the library yesterday, but after they threw the 'f' word in there three times in the first two pages, I dropped it. I can handle some language in my literature, but that's just unnecessary.  So I'm revisiting an old friend until I find something else! I love this book so much more than the movie. It is one of the few books I re-read that instantly takes me back to childhood and I get completely lost in it. It's just so different, so original and magical, like no other fantasy novel I've read. I love it!

I am learning... That I'm always learning. How's that for deep?? No really. One thing I constantly have to re-learn in my life is money management. I was completely lousy at it for the first few years of our marriage. Being married to a student had a steep learning curve, and I had our finances down. But then we move out here, to a real job, with a real income... and it's amazing how money just vanishes! Our income feels so inexhaustible that I haven't been paying much attention to it. 30$ here and there adds up! Time to revamp the system again!

Around the house... The boys just woke up, eating some muffins, listening to the birds outside, Bracken is guarding her porch... They slept in till nearly 9:00 this morning! That's ground-breaking! Stephen is so my son. He reads before he falls asleep, then comes out of his room in the morning with a book and reads on the couch. First, last, and in between, he's reading!

One of my favorite things... Ducklings!! Next to puppies, I think they may be the cutest baby animals in existence. I could watch ducklings toddling around for hours... when we stopped at Silver Lake in Utah for a hike with my Uncle Bryce, the boys and I watched a duck family while the menfolk were off hiking. We watched them dive to the bottom of the lake and pop back up like little bath toys. Absolutely adorable!! If only they weren't so stinky... sigh.

Guilty Pleasures... "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. I know, I know. When I first heard it, I hated it with a passion. But then the Olympics rolled around, and the US swim team made a video with it... and it was just so much fun!! If I had never seen the video, I would still hate the song. Really. But now every time I hear the song I see all those world-class athletes acting like the goofy teenagers most of them actually are, and it makes me smile. Not to mention when Joe sings it, it's just about the most adorable thing ever

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Something new about me... I'm an Air Force kid! (I denounce the term brat!) I don't think I've mentioned that before. My dad is a JAG, aka a lawyer for the Air Force. I think he's pretty awesome. I was born in Utah, and have lived in Michigan, Las Vegas, Colorado twice (before now), Missouri, and Arizona. After I got married my family went to Alaska (my favorite place they've been!!), Texas, and are now in Washington DC (my boys' favorite place they've been). I've been asked a lot what that was like, and I would say most moves were fun. A little bit sad, but exciting. My siblings and I all agree that you have one move that is the hardest when you're a kid. Mine was the move from Colorado to Missouri. I left my best friends behind, but I met my forever best friend there, so it worked out! The most important thing I learned from moving so much is that home truly is where your heart is. Where your family is. Which is why I picked up the habit of calling wherever we're sleeping that night "home". 

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  1. I used to watch JAG all the time on TV. I loved that show. I had a baby duck as a pet when I was a little girl, but had to find it a new home pretty quickly. My daughter constantly sings that song, it always brings laughter. She is 7 and it is hilarious when she sings it. Although I haven't actually read that particular book, I maintain that books are always better than the movies. Keep sharing, I love your blog!

    1. Really?? I didn't even know there was a show until I was in middle school and kids would ask me if my Dad really got to carry a gun and jump out of helicopters every day! :) I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog, you made my day! Thanks for being here!

  2. I remember the movie "The Neverending Story" of my favorite movies! I've never read the book!

  3. My father was in the airforce too April, as was my ex. So I spent the first 43 years of my life moving from one place to another. Like a turtle I carried my house on my back. I am grateful now for the opportunity to sink down roots. It did enable me to be very adaptable though and not afraid to meet new people or do new things. So there are plusses and minuses in all things. Playing catch up after a week of feeling very ill, but then . . . you know how that feels. We have to chat soon!! xxoo


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