August 19, 2013

Weekly Menu Aug 19

This week we have...
Classic Buttermilk Coffee Cake
Oven Pulled BBQ Pork
Twix Cookies
Cranberry Orange Bars

For today, Aug 19 ...

Outside my window... Nothin' but clear skies, and a forecast in the 90's. See? I knew I was right not to get my hopes up! Fall is NOT here yet, you tricky weather you!

I am thinking... I could go back to sleep right now. No one would know. Or out to breakfast. Or exercise... Clean my house? Nah. So much freedom!! What to do!? Well, blog I guess! :)

I am thankful... Thankful that Joe is brave. He handled the whole first-day-of-kindergarten thing perfectly. No fuss, no nerves. If he had cried... Oh dear, I would have lost it! My baby is in school! Here's hoping he has an awesome first day...

In the kitchen... I woke up early and made coffee cake for the boys, that's a first! So fun! There will be lots more yummy breakfasts this year. Last year it was either cereal or microwave oatmeal. Slacker me. Today I'll finish the cranberry orange bars I am inventing that were aborted halfway through last night... I created a new school lunch cookie instead... Yesterday was hectic.

I am wondering... What would you think if I started re-posting some of my older recipes? I was looking through them the other day, just for fun, and the photos made me cringe! They're all grey and yellow, bleck. I could just make them, retake pictures, and update the post, but I thought it would be fun to bring some of my favorites out of the archives for a re-post. What do you think?

I am looking forward to... Morning walks to school. We didn't walk this morning, too loaded down with school supplies. Tissues, wipes, etc. But even though it still gets awfully hot during the day, the mornings are lovely, and I am excited to walk to school with the boys every day I can this year! Last year I barely woke up before they did, so we often just made it on time. That's one of the reasons I started this new habit of waking up before them. I know most people operate like that, but I've always clung a little too tightly to my sleeping time! I'm willing to finally trade an hour of sleep for a morning walk with my boyzenberries!

Around the house... It's so QUIET!!! It's a little weird, to be honest. I'm talking to Bracken a lot. Technically I only have two and a half hours to myself, but still, it's two and a half hours!

One of my favorite things... This song. It's the latest cover by The Piano Guys. You know how much I adore them, and this just might be my favorite song they've done yet! But hey, you throw my favorite cellist together with some Bollywood, and I'm sold! My Mom and husband don't see what the big deal is. *correction!! My Mom DOES like it! She is NOT a poop!! :) * I could listen to this song over and over, as loud as my speakers can play it!! (Don't listen to it quietly!)

I am going... Back to choir!! We've been on our own "summer break", and we start again on Wednesday! I can't wait to sing again. We're singing the Star Spangled Banner at a Rockies (baseball) game on the 31st. Other than that, this week is surprisingly open... What am I going to do with myself??

Can I PLEASE go shopping in this grocery store in Moscow?!
Something new about me... I am in love with grocery stores. I have so much fun in fancy ones! Like Wegmans, which I experienced for the first time when I visited my family in DC, Whole Foods (sometimes), or this amazing Asian market my friend directed me to. We went on Saturday after the farmer's market to find bean thread noodles. So much fun food!! Sure, I can't read the labels on half of it, but it's just fascinating to browse around. Oh, and they had cream buns. I'm more than a little obsessed with cream buns. Also something I discovered in DC. So yeah, when someone tells me they found a new specialty food store, I am so there. Or markets!! Outdoor, indoor, if there is interesting food, I'm there. I could visit them on dates! Odd? Perhaps. But I promise if you come with me we'll have all kinds of fun!

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  1. Hey, I love the latest Piano Guys' song! Don't make me a poop!
    There's a year-round Market in downtown DC we have to go check out this fall!

  2. April, when you come over here we will wander around Waitrose and Marks and Spencers to our hearts content. You will love it. I promise and then we'll go down to London and wander around the food court in Harrods. Then Selfridges . . . the BOROUGH MARKET! The pop up restaurants in the Greenwich Market. SQUEEE!!! (We HAVE to make this dream come true!)

    What an adorable picture of your two little men. They both look to be bursting with excitement. I miss having children around. My babies always came home to fresh baked cookies, or brownies, or maybe a cake. It was my gift to them, and I had to fill the hours they were away somehow. Much more fun to bake than to clean.

    Re-doing old recipes is good. I sometimes do that. It's nice to revisit the really good ones from time to time.

    I want a play date with you. You'll have to let me know when is a good day for you! I have a phone plan too you know. I can call anywhere in North America and talk for an hour as many times I want in a month for the same low price of only £4.99. I call my mom just about every day. Let me know! xxoo


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