November 5, 2012

Weekly Menu Nov. 5

Ahhh, for once it actually feels good to be Monday! I'm starting over. My week looks much more manageable, we were ready on time to walk to school (with no roaring!!), and I'm getting my blog done before noon! An awesome start to the morning. Now if I can just maintain this, and stick to my schedule, and keep up with my goals... it will be a perfect week!

Oh, how I've missed our morning walks!! Colder weather usually drives people indoors, but it drives me OUT! Hot days make me want to hide inside with my air conditions. Crisp, chill, nose-nipping days make me want to walk for hours through golden leaf-falling woods. It also happens to be my best Joe time. He just chatters away about whatever is going on in that busy little brain of his. He also seems to have inherited my penchant for noticing little things! Frost, perfect golden leaves, little deer trails, ducks... Hopefully I will be able to walk with him every day this week. You can hold me to that!

This week we have:


  1. You and your "little Kingdoms". Fortunately, Joe doesn't have an irritable, impatient peak hound mother to goad him along. So glad you're relishing those walks. I really loved my walks with Kate and Zack to school

    1. You weren't a hound if there was no peak!! :)

  2. Lovely post, an ode to this beautiful time of the year, thanks!

  3. Love your weekly menus April. What a nice touch, and I see your numbers are going up and up. GOOD stuff, it's because you are such a sweetie pie. People can't help but to love you! Tis true. I love it when you share these little snippets of your delightful children with us. I miss those days. xxoo


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