November 10, 2012

Small and Wonderful Things 7

Anticipating Snow
Source: Kayli via Pinterest

Christmas Music (Steven Sharp Nelson!!)

Giant Honeycrisp Apples

Bracken's "Pleeeeease can I have some of your popcorn??" face

Awesome Bollywood workout music!


The feeling of well-earned satisfaction one can only achieve by kneading bread.

Morning dew on morning walks

A phone that just happens to take fabulous pictures of my small and wonderful things

Birdhouses Again!

Comfy pants



  1. :) :) :)

    Joe, Pip, and Bracken. My day just got ten times better. =)

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family, you my friend, are so richly blessed!

    1. I am, thank you :) And blessed to have found blogger friends like you!!

  3. April, those pictures are SO great! The first could be a Christmas Card, the one of Joe warms my heart. Swings are also his Grandpa's favorite thing. (That and drunk man races)

    1. I didn't take the first one, it's from Pinterest. But I love it. Joe takes after his Grandpa in so many ways! Aspens, frost, swings... we need to teach him drunk man races. What are those again??

    2. you agree on how many times one must spin... (maybe 10 or so), then agree on a destination. Say "on your mark, get set, go", then watch them spin. As soon as they've completed the required revolutions, they are supposed to SPRINT straight for the destination... it's a little disturbing for me to watch, since I don't have the stomach for it. But Dad thinks it's hilarious. Make sure the playing field is soft, cause people often run into the ground.

  4. I always love your small and wonderful things April. You make me smile. You are one of MY small and wonderful things. Love you to pieces. xxoo

  5. That apple is gigantice!! Man...and Bollywood music infallibly makes me want to dance, so I bet it's great for workouts

  6. Wow, that apple looks wonderful. I did some apples the other day. I think we will bake them :) Your puppy looks so sweet wanting popcorn!

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you! I can't take credit for the first one though :) Wish I could!!


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