November 26, 2012

Weekly Menu Nov. 26

Source: Ruki-Duki via Pinterest

Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas season is here! My favorite time of year. Our tree is up, our house is decorated, the lights are hung, and today is wonderfully cold and cloudy. It feels very Christmassy today! Time to get to work on my homemade Christmas presents! Well, I only had 2 requests for my Thanksgiving favorites, and one was my Mom... but I also never made a new meal to post, so you get them anyway! It's all right, you could use them any time. Especially those rolls... Yum. This week I'm going to take deep breaths and just BE, because starting Saturday, things get busy again for next week! Including 2 three hour choir rehearsals and our concert Friday! I can't wait, I'm jumping out-of-my-skin excited. 

Remember, Saturday is the Nibbles and Novels party!! Please link up your book-inspired posts, I'd love to have you there, truly! I'm linking one of my all-time favorites, hope to see you there!

This week we have: 
Blackberry-Raspberry Cobbler
Nibbles and Novels!!

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  1. Oh, I sure wish that I could be at your Concert. I Love these types of things this time of year. You will have to get the Geologist to film it! Or tape it. Loving your menu, as always. Scrummo!


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