November 17, 2012

Small and Wonderful Things 8

Texting with my Daddy

Rainy Fall days

Clean, fluffy hair that does what it's supposed to

Father-Son projects

Planning homemade Christmas presents

One Penny horsey rides

Creating my own wall art!! (I'll show you tomorrow)

Dew-sparkled spiderwebs

Friends :)

Blanket Forts


  1. Blanket forts are the absolute best!

  2. Oh April, I always love your small and wonderful things. I love Blanket forts too . . . oh and Blanket Picnics on the living room floor. So much fun! OOdles of love flowing your way from sunny but very COLD UK! (First frost last night!) xxoo

  3. Oh, I remember 1 cent horse rides at the grocery store when I was a kid! Those were always a special treat!


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