June 22, 2012


It has just been ONE OF THOSE DAYS!! You know the kind. You wake up, all cheerful with happy plans for the day, humming to yourself, full of good feelings and bright intentions... and then minute by minute, your plans and intentions are derailed, smashed, squished, stepped-on, and generally decimated. You keep trying to regain control, regain those sparkly feelings from an hour ago...no such luck. The boys just had it in for me today!! Nothing I did could keep them from whining, fighting, throwing pointless fits, and making me feel FRAZZLED. Oddly enough, they were best behaved at my doctor's appointment... huh. So we went to play in the river with Bracken, a surefire winning "activinee", right? Negative, Ghostrider. Joe refused to get wet and screamed every time Bracken shook in his vicinity. It was ridiculous. Poor Bracken. She was especially adorable today; every time she went to fetch a thrown stick she'd come back with an extra one for good measure. She even snorkled a pipe out of the river and was SO proud! And did I have my camera, to show you these antics?? Of course I didn't! So what else can you do, when faced with such frustration?? Why, crank up the one working speaker of your computer and have a Bollywood dance party, what else?!

 It at least ended the first half of the day on a better note. Now they are napping, and I am trying to regain my equilibrium. Yeah, we'll see how that works out. Baking should help!!

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