June 27, 2012


It's Bollywood night!! For those of you who have never heard of such a thing, Bollywood movies are made in India. They're usually about 3 hours long, have subtitles, musical numbers, are REALLY corny, and are just about the happiest things around. I LOVE them! A few friends and I used to get together as often as we could and watch them together, but those friends have all moved. These movies are much more fun to watch with company, so you can make fun of them, discuss them, try to figure out what will happen next... After multiple failed attempts, my plans to start a NEW Bollywood group have finally come to pass, and the first one is tonight!! I'm so excited!! I'll post the ridiculously yummy Cream Cheese Coffee Cake I'm making for the girls in a bit, but for now I leave you with a taste of Bollywood. It's from arguably my favorite, Rab Ni Bana Di Jodi, a movie about an arranged marriage (they kinda all are...) where the husband is madly in love with his wife, but shy, and she is getting over the death of her former fiancée and is convinced she can never be her old self again. He disguises himself as young and "hip" to join her dance class and be around the "old self" that he fell in love with at first sight. I love the meaning of the words in this song, I think the idea is so beautiful. "I see my god in you". Doesn't mean you have to actually worship the one you love, but who doesn't make the love of their life the center of their world?? And why shouldn't we?? I don't deserve Stephen, and I don't think I ever will, but I'll try every minute of the rest of my life to show him how much I love him. All right, enough sappiness, click the little "CC" button to turn on the subtitles, and enjoy! I'll be back in a bit with yumminess :)


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