June 21, 2012

No, seriously....

So I just got done watching Journey 2 with the boys. I didn't realize it was based on the books by Jules Verne, I just figured, tiny elephants, giant bugs, boys dig that, right?? I underestimated those boys of mine! Stephen, who just finished kindergarten, asked me if they were real books, so I showed him my copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth. His mouth dropped open, he snatched it from me and declared "I'm reading THIS tonight!! '...Jules Verne lived and died in France...' " Seriously. My first grader wants to read Jules Verne. And the crazy thing is, I'm pretty sure he can. He's been reading the Complete Collection of Winnie the Pooh and asking about Rabbit's friends and relations and teaching Joe to play Pooh-sticks. Talk about making his Mama proud!!


  1. April, you inspire me. I love you!

    1. Wow, thanks!! I love you too!! We need to find a space in our schedules and go have tea...


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