June 25, 2012

I have seen the light...

I have to confess, I'm just the tiniest bit obsessed with this blog at the moment. I've been studying other blogs I love, reading tips for success, etc. Katrina from Splash of Something gave me a great tip for finding cute linens and plates to help my sad, sad pictures, so I headed out to DI (Desert Industries) and TJ Maxx today, hoping to discover a few cute plates and napkins to dress up my treats...

 Not sure if I found enough... :)
It was so fun! Most of these are from DI, cost between 50 cents and a dollar. I tried not to get too much Christmas stuff (I'm kind of a Christmas nut...as you will see in a few months) but just had to have these beautiful little dessert plates!
AND I found the cutest stoppered jar, exactly what I need for homemade lemon curd!

I was thrilled with my finds, especially their price tag (20$!) but decided to go by TJ Maxx anyway, hopefully for linens. I walked in... And this little guy chirped, "Hi April, where've you been??"


 *ahem* Sorry. I love chickadees. Actually, I love birds. Instead of a crazy cat lady, I plan on being a crazy bird lady with a dozen bird feeders and a garden designed to attract as many birds as possible. :) But chickadees are my favorite. They're just so cute, and round, and have the happiest little song... This plate will be a treasure forever. Yay!

 But back on topic. I don't think I've actually looked around a TJ Maxx since I was about 14, and I remembered it being old, shabby, and outdated. But I have been converted!! Especially by the kitchen section! They really have some fantastic stuff. I had to remind myself that my kitchen was already full... And I literally have no where else to put new things. So I put the 10$ set of three apothecary jars back...passed the beautiful mini casserole dishes longingly...and told myself, "just a few more months. A few more months and you will have a house, and a REAL kitchen and INCOME. We can wait till then." But I tell you what, as soon as we move in, unpack, and get that first paycheck? I have a date. With TJ Maxx.


  1. I am so excited for you! I love your treasures! TJ Max is a fun place to shop...Happy hunting :)

  2. Oh, April, you make me laugh. Chickadees will now forever make me think of you.

  3. Oh, April, you make me laugh. Chickadees will now forever make me think of you.

  4. I love TJ Maxx, too. They are kind of like Target in the sense that I can go looking for 1 thing and leave with 10 other absolutely "necessary" finds :)


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