April 21, 2014

Weekly Menu April 21

This week we have:
Biscoff Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats
Spaghetti Carbonara 
Roasted Balsamic Asparagus
Ginger Citrus Bundt Cake

For today, April 21...
Outside my window... It's SPRING!! Really and for real!! And NO snow this weekend!! Although it snowed over the weekend we were gone, and froze my poor barely blooming cherry tress... *sniff*... I will not get to see their full glory this year. Sigh. But at least I discovered some gorgeous purple tulips, and remembered that our back neighbors have an apple tree that leans over into our yard, and it's barely starting to bloom!!

Source: Pinterest
I am thinking... My Dad is awesome. He never TRIES to be, but often ends up being unexpectedly cool. Like effortlessly being the best Grandpa ever. Or being the only member of my original family to appreciate Lindsey Stirling. His latest acheivement? Glitch Mob radio. His Pandora radio station based on electronic dub-step music. It rocks, and I've had it on all weekend. And right now. As I'm writing. :)

I am thankful... SO thankful for my birthday trip to DC! Happy belated birthday to meeee!! I missed the cherry blossom festival peak by just two or three days, but the cherry tree in my parents' courtyard absolutely made up for it. It was spectacular!! We made a crazy day trip up to NYC, a trip to the beach to find fossilized shark teeth, and an extensively researched taste of the best ramen in DC that did NOT disappoint. It was a wonderful trip, and I'll write up a whole post loaded with pictures for you. The weather was awesome and all-in-all it was a wonderful last visit! Next time we see them, they'll be on their way out West for GOOD!!

Source: sweetruffles
I am looking forward to... Spring RAIN instead of snow!! We had one shower on Saturday, it didn't last very long but was very satisfying. Rain is my favorite weather in the whole world, and Colorado doesn't get tons of it, so I soak it in when we do! So do all the plants. They just pop right open after a mountain rainshower! Even my poor raggedy frozen cherry trees found the energy for a few more blossoms. 

In the kitchen... Man, I had a couple total flops over the weekend. I'll tell you more about them later this week. So I'll be trying do-overs of those failures, plus some fun cookies for the boys and the Geologist's office. And I'm thinking I need a batch of scones or muffins... something bright and fruity... Any suggestions?

One of my favorite things... Have you seen this adorable-ness?! I wish I could find the creator and give them a hug! It's beyond cute!!
OH!! I tracked down the source! Yay!! More Sheldon here: amburgered

A peek into my day... The boys have a day off today for reading tests. Neither one of them needs to be re-tested, so we just have a free day! They're out back making the most of their Easter goodies, decorating our cement pad with chalk, chasing bubbles, and creating all kinds of adventures. I burned some overflowed cake batter in the oven last night, so all the windows and doors are open and the fans are all on, trying to get that charred smell out of the house. Later we'll take a picnic to the park. I'm sitting at the computer desk in the middle of the living room with the rest of our furniture, because...

Around the house... We gave our entire living area and hall a makeover!! It needs a few touch-ups and we need to put the furniture back and hang pictures, then I'll show you the finished product. This week, I promise. It's HEAVENLY! And it finally feels like MY house! And my carefully accumulated bits of decor finally work. The Geologist is such a stud, he cut and hung all our wainscoting, trim, and baseboards just over the weekend. I'm a lucky girl!

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  1. Sounds like a tasty week ahead!! Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  2. haaaaeey, I like Lindsey Stirling, too...

    1. Sorry Mom! I always forget that she grew on you... I just remember your first "meh" reaction... :)

  3. I love Indsey Stirling, and isn't it great to have a sweet dad like yours...a wonderful father and grandpa too! My dad was like that with all his grandkids and us. Have a nice week.

  4. Love these little glimpses into your life April! They are so YOU! Loving your recipe line up for the week too! xxoo


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