April 26, 2014

Birthday Trip to DC

Just a taste of our DC (and NYC!) adventures! I'll let you know when I get the rest of the pictures up on our family blog :)

My parents' cherry tree, which basically FILLS their courtyard, was at it's peak the day we arrived! The festival probably was too, but we didn't get to it for a few days.
We absolutely drank this one in.

 Ho hum, just a crazy drive up to NYC for a day, you know, no big deal. :)
 New York bagel for breakfast at Zabars! Definitely the best bagel I've ever eaten. 
 Of course you have to ride the ferry out and see Lady Liberty!

 New York Pizza at John's on Bleecker Street. Also, best pizza EVER!!! (The Geologist wasn't as in love. He's more of a deep-dish guy)
My birthday caaaaake (slice), Strawberry Cream Cake at Rocco's. Perfection!! (Hey, this IS a food-lover's trip!)

The Met. Which I did NOT get to see. I had a bag of treats from Rocco's and they wouldn't let me in!! *pout*
 The Geologist. On the rocks in Central Park. Of course. 
 I loved the mosaic walls in the subway under the Natural History Museum!!

Then, after a long and late drive home, and a crash with a few hours of sleep... On to the beach!
 Where we spent hours collecting tiny fossilized shark teeth. Is that awesome or what!?

Monday was reserved for a trip to the Arboretum, to see Bonsai trees, which I LOVE!!
This one is over 500 years old. Craziness!!
 They also just happened to be having a special exhibit on Japanese flower arranging, which I also LOVE! Talk about timing, I'm a lucky girl!! 
And CHERRY BLOSSOMS!! We missed the peak, but it was still BEAUTIFUL. If cloudy. Oh well. :)

 Our last day of sightseeing was reserved for the birthday meal I demanded: RAMEN! After two days of research (I take this stuff seriously) we had ramen at Toki Underground for lunch. It was heaven. 

Followed by a trip to the National Gallery, to see if Jackson Pollock was all he's cracked up to be. They wouldn't let us take pictures, but this is the one that was on display: "Lavender Mist". Which bugged me to no end because I saw no lavender anywhere. It was HUGE. And after seeing it up close, I get why he is so important now. It's not just splattered paint. There are so many layers, and details. Do I like it? Not really. But I get it now. 
Source: flickr
I also discovered that I LOVE Pissaro.  Thanks Kate! :)
Best Birthday Ever. 


  1. The excitement of this adventure can be heard in your voice. It must have been wonderful.
    You certainly did take in quite a few sights! and the food looks and sounds wonderful.
    I hope all of your birthdays are as exciting, wonderful and filled with delightful memories.
    Blessings, Catherine

  2. Looks like a wonderful Birthday away. I wish I had your energy and enthusiasm for everything! You make me smile. xx

    1. You certainly have my enthusiasm for many things! As for energy, being... less than thirty helps a lot :) You make me smile all the time!!


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