April 5, 2014

Small & Wonderful Things 42

My very first ever pair of REAL Converse sneakers!! I am in love. I need more.

The way the air smells right before it rains 

Itty bitty baby leaves
Source: Pinterest

How your fingers smell all citrusy after peeling an orange. Or a Cutie :)

These two, drawing outside on the front step.

GoodReads! And realizing what a ridiculous amount of books I've read...

Diet Coke with Lime. Mmmmmm :)
Source: Pinterest

Finding a new groomer who doesn't charge me nearly a hundred dollars to groom my girlie!

My freshly-groomed beastie proving she really can still fit in the front seat! Not sure how comfortable she was, but she would rather be there than in the back!


  1. Aw beautiful pup! My little man loved the front seat of the car too haha.
    And how precious are those two drawing nicely!

    Lovely post xo

    1. Hi Danielle! Haven't seen you around for a while :) There's really something extra fun about having your furry friend sit up front with you, isn't there? And I'll tell you, when my boys are playing that nice I DONT disturb them!! ;)

    2. I know I've been rather quiet but I have been lurking! :D
      Oh yes, especially when driving alone but when the other half was in the car poor little guy would be demoted to the back!
      Haha I bet! Though they look like they are best friends and could hardly be the type to argue ever from that photo!


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