June 3, 2013

Weekly Menu June 3

This week we have:
Grilled Coconut Lime Chicken
Blackberry Mint Lemonade
Lemon Drop Cookies
Raspberry Rhubarb Crunch

For today, June 3...

Outside my window... Sunny as can be! With the occasional giant gust of wind, lest we forget that Colorado is a state where the weather can change in an instant.

A peek into my day... The boys are napping (well, technically, The Bookworm -aka Stephen- is reading and Joe is napping). We swam for hours this morning, and they should be worn out. I'm blogging while listening to the soundtrack for The Secret of Roan Inish and imagining I am on the other side of the North Atlantic...
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In the kitchen... I'm finally starting to get to know a few neighbors, which means more treats to give away! I'm hoping to make pretzels with the boys this week, and we're instigating a family dessert night on the weekends. I'm excited! Also, I'm going to try to master angel food cake this week. There's a story there, I'll tell you when I finally get it right. Stay tuned!

I am going... not much of anywhere this week! Choir is on vacation till August, our concert was Saturday night. It was lots of fun, our 30th anniversary! We invited back 6 of the 7 conductors since the beginning of the choir (two years before I was born!) and they each directed a few pieces. We even made one of our conductors cry, singing an arrangement he wrote! I'll miss choir for the next few months. Other than that, we're just enjoying the sun and lack of homework!

I am wondering... Why is the Queen's birthday celebrated on different days?? I bought myself a calendar of Scottish landscapes for Christmas. It was published in Scotland, and the weeks start with Monday instead of Sunday! (British friends: are your calendars like this too?)  I love it, The Geologist HATES it. I don't see what the big deal is... anyway, it also has lots of holidays on it that aren't on American calendars (obviously) and I noticed today that Australia and New Zealand celebrate the Queen's birthday on separate days! Odd...

I am thankful... for my skin!! For the past five years, for some strange reason, I have broken out in a horrible itchy rash every time I went out in the sun for more than ten minutes. I had to wear heavy duty sunscreen every single day, it was awful! But miracle of miracles, this year it hasn't happened once! My skin is loving the sun! Maybe it's picky, and it only likes Colorado sun... Whatever the reason, I'm happy it's happy!
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I am reading... Maeve Binchy's last book, "A Week In Winter". *moment of silence.....* For those of you who haven't already heard, she's one of my all-time favorite authors. She writes the kind of books that make you want to curl up in a comfy chair with something to nibble and get lost in the lives of her characters. They're about normal people and their lives, but she draws you in and makes you love them all. I wish I lived in a Maeve Binchy book. I can't believe she's gone! *sniffle* Well, this one is as lovely as all of her best, bringing people together under random circumstances and changing the lives of all for the better. I'll be sad when it's over...

I am looking forward to... This summer! I spent a few hours while The Geologist was gone looking through websites and magazines to find a "bucket list" of activities for the summer. I ended up with so many I wrote up two lists, one for me and the boys, one as a family! Of course, I had to write it out a few times before I got it just right... me and my picky list-writing... and then I had to make it pretty, of course...

I am thinking... The official First Day of Summer may not be for a few weeks, but it is definitely summer around here! I finally have my Geologist back (and I'm keeping him here for a while, believe me!), Stephen is out of school, and the pools are open! We're lucky enough to have a pool in our apartment complex, and I foresee the majority of our summer being spent there. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I'll make sure to next time. My boys have become such little fishes! And man oh man, I forgot how fast you tan up here in the mountains!

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I am learning... Doctor Who is not for everyone. Yes, I admit, I completely fell in love with it while the Geologist was gone! So far the tenth Doctor is my favorite, and I highly doubt Eleven could win me over!! I showed The Geologist one episode, "The Weeping Angels", when he got home, and he liked it... but then we went back to the Christmas episode where Ten defeats the Sycorax, and he wasn't a fan. I think it may be too cheezy for him, but I'm hooked! Oh well, I can watch it by myself :)

One of my (new!) favorite things...See Above. I went looking for the timey-wimey picture quote and spent half an hour looking at Doctor Who stuff on pinterest... and creating a new board... So I'll leave you with this one!
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  1. Looks like we have a tasty week to look forward to April! I have missed reading your posts. Will try to go back and play catch up with I have the chance, but can't promise a comment on each one! I'm just not THAT good at that sort of thing! I am so glad to be home. Colour my May one of the most stressful periods of my life. There was so much drama and it's still not over. Trying to manage my mother's life from 2000 miles away is hard, no two ways about it! I haven't said anything on my blog but she has ended up with severe dementia. We are hoping it will pass and that she will end up as being somewhere close to normal, but there is no way of telling for sure. We're not even sure she hadn't already started down that road before the operation (s). We just didn't have enough time with her before it all kicked off to be able to tell. I do know that over the past six months or so I had noticed she was repeating herself a lot. Anyways, we had a big scare yesterday when I realized after talking to her on the telephone that she had doubled dosed herself with her medications as all of a sudden two days worth were missing. Thankfully I was able to sort that out, no harm was done and the meds are now in someone else's capable hands! Whew! In retrospect I probably should have stayed an extra two weeks. I will be so relieved when my sister arrives to take up the mantle of care! Love YOU! and have missed YOU too. xxoo

    PS - Mom was delighted with the cards and pictures you and the boys sent! That was so sweet of you!

  2. I love that you have a summer bucket list!! I hope you get to cross everything off. And I really want to start watching Dr. Who - a coworker of mine says it's great!

  3. My friend showed me the weeping angels episode first as well :)

    I love the cheese-factor of Doctor Who!


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