June 8, 2013

Small and Wonderful Things 26


Husbands who make breakfast

A teeny-tiny friendly slug! If I had a garden, I may feel differently, but oddly enough, I love slugs!

Meeting new neighbors, and making new friends!

Buttons! When I was little I wanted a button collection. Sadly, I never found enough buttons. 

There's a nest full of baby birds somewhere in our courtyard... I can't see it, but I can hear them!


Warm, early summer days... before air conditioning becomes a MUST :)

Joe being Green


  1. your SAWT are so awesome. I say "yay" when I see you have one posted. Almost Happy Bloggiversary!! When is the date? Oh, I guess I could go look. I'm trying Coconut lime chicken today... (with smashed pototoes, which we have almost weekly) it makes too much sauce, so I'm thawing more chicken. Also, did you know that all coconut milks are not created equal? Some are smooth and creamy, others are chalky and runny and grainy. Most people like Orchids or Thai kitchen, but Chaokoh is more authentic. Goya is NOT good, which is unusual, since their beans are great, especially garbanzos. Anyway. We made your Buttermilk Pancakes. Man! Dad RAVED! Made the fish tacos, but they were no good. I should have fried them, they were too dry on the grill, and our grill stinks. I think it's cause they didn't get seared. AAAaand the cabbage was that old, too tough and white stuff. Do over!

    1. Yay!! I'm glad you liked the pancakes. We have them a few times a month :). And yes, the tacos need a do-over. But you already know how good they are. I need to go stock up on good coconut milk at the asian market, I can only get Thai kitchen at my usual grocery store...


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