April 13, 2013

Small & Wonderful Things 24

Patio Picnics

Spring's crazy weather

The Best Burger Ever (all it's missing is avocado!)

Discovering fun new TV shows (Yay Eureka!)

Boys who Help

Sleeping In (I may have used this one before... Oh well!)

The way Bracken snuggles her toys

Praying for dear friends

A good book and a snack


  1. Wow, that burger actually DOES look good! I love Eureka, such a fun, wacky show! Carter is seriously the best (he gets better & lightens up a lot). I actually enjoyed the later seasons better than the first 2 (need to watch the final one though). It's such a great show, and clean too!

  2. Your family is adorable, like you, sweetie!! The burger looks fabulous! I'm so glad I'm full right now..hope I don't check it out later, lol! Thanks for your delightful visit! Have a super week.

  3. I love your family April and your small and wonderful things. I wish I could do small and wonderful like you. I am too wordy . . . I need to work on that. xxoo

    PS - GREAT looking burger!

  4. Picnic's are totally the best and all of your men seem to agree!
    And my goodness Bracken is a cutie! Family friends of ours have a dog called Monty who is identical to her and our Baker hugs his blankets in the same way :P


  5. We had to squeeze this picnic in between snowstorms! Weirdest weather ever! Awww, you've got to post a pic of Baker hugging his blankets!!


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