April 22, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook Apr. 22

For today, Dec. 4...

Outside my window... It's snowing again! Wait, isn't that how last week's daybook began?? I'm getting deja vu, honestly, with all the weekend snow going on around here. I'm sure that the flowers will appreciate all this precipitation... if they ever get a chance to bloom...

I am thinking... It's time to start some new habits! Time to get a bit more organized! Time to start my days right and accomplish goals, and Monday is a great day to start. :)

I am thankful... for the thoughts and messages I received from church yesterday. It was one of those days that seemed just for me. I felt loved, encouraged, understood, and motivated. Such a gift.

In the kitchen... Mmm, smells fantastic! There's a blueberry pound cake in the oven! Tonight I'm finally documenting those carnitas (it was a weird week) so you will actually get recipes this week! My Mom sent me a sticker like this from Penzey's, I LOVE it. I want to make a frameable version for my kitchen somehow, because I can't think of anywhere to "stick" it!

I am going... Oh heavens, all over the place. This week is just plain packed. My days aren't bad, but our evenings are full! Tonight we're feeding the missionaries, then we're having a first aid/CPR training here. Wednesday is choir, Thursday there are friends coming for dinner, Friday The Geologist leaves for the weekend! Luckily with all this feeding of people, I'm stocking up on recipes to share!

I am reading... I started reading "Insurgent" last night, the sequel to "Divergent" by Veronica Roth... then a dozen pages in realized I just didn't care. It's a very Hunger Games-ish series, and I'm tired of them. All the angst and violence and despair and politics and blah, blah, blah... There's enough of that in real life. I read to escape, to immerse, to wonder and exult. Sure, to have a good cry now and then, but... I ended up back with Anne, as she moves into her "house of dreams", and fell asleep happy.

Around the house... The cake is out of the oven, the dinner is in, Stephen is reading, Joe is napping... well, he's supposed to be, anyway... Bracken is laying on my feet. It's a cozy day, and I'm actually getting everything done on time!

Source: Neverland
I am pondering... The innocence of youth. Sounds like a bit of a trite phrase, perhaps? We watched Rise of the Guardians as a family this weekend, and it make me cry, of course. The last movie that affected me like that was the new, live action Peter Pan. I bawled when my parents gave it to me for Christmas, and I still get choked up when everyone chants "I do believe in fairies, I do, I DO!" Perhaps it was the way I was raised, but innocence and childhood and belief and imagination are incredibly precious to me. I encourage my boys to imagine, to believe in fairies and magic. I'm waiting till they're older to introduce them to Spiderman and Star Wars. Not that I think there is anything inherently wrong with things like that, I just don't want them losing their innocence too soon. It's one of the biggest problems with our world today, children growing up too fast. Trying out adult media, adult relationships, and adult behaviors far before they ever should. There is too much sex, too much anger, too much violence. Not enough fairies and dragons and knights in shining armor. Rise of the Guardians has the same feeling. They protect wonder, and hope, and fun, and dreams. Stephen is reading the books now, and I hope I can teach my boys to believe forever, like me.

Source: Good Food
Guilty Pleasures... Anything coffee flavored. I don't drink it, because of guidelines in my religion, but I love the flavor, and the smell! Coffee ice cream, tiramisu, cappuccino Jelly Bellies... does anyone remember the cappuccino flavored Chupa Chups lollipops?? Oh, how I loved those! Haven't seen them in years though.  

Something new about me... hate talking on the phone. With a passion. I inherited it from my Mom. In fact, I gave her a special ringtone to sympathize. There is a Bollywood song called "Marjaani", and the chorus basically translates as "let them go to hell." *giggle* So naughty, I know. It's a total inside joke, and only the two of us get it. But yep, I'd much rather email, text, or IM. Or Skype! Talking in person is great!! There's just something about the phone... awkward silences, multiple goodbyes, people who ramble on and on despite multiple hints... Call me antisocial, I can't help it! Don't worry, if you call me, I'd still LOVE to talk to you! If I had a choice, that just wouldn't be the technology I'd choose. (PS- That song is awesome, click here if you'd like to see the video!)

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  1. That "around the house" section sounds so peaceful and perfect! Also, I have an addiction to anything coffee flavored and coffee scented. I just bought a coffee scented candle (Espresso Bar is the scent) from Bath and Body Works (don't judge, guys like candles too LOL) and it smells amazing!!


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