April 5, 2013

Small and Wonderful Things 23

Owl-shaped lip balm

Teddy Bears... The more, the merrier!

General Conference!! Twice a year the leaders of our church speak to the whole world. For two days. It's awesome. Not small, but definitely wonderful!

Lemon Curd

This tiny harmonica my Mom found! And it actually works!


Pajama Pants (No, these aren't mine. But I love them!)

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  1. April, I love, LOVE all of your small and wonderful things. I always do. Those pajama bottoms are so cool and I love the lip balm. That harmonica, so small and sweet and I am afraid I love the big cuddly bear in the middle more than the small ones he's cuddling, lol. Oh and lemon curd . . . don't get me started. I adore lemon curd. I can eat it with a spoon, and sometimes do . . . but shhh . . . don't tell anyone my secret.


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