February 18, 2013

Weekly Menu Feb. 18

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This week we have...

For today, Feb 18...

Outside my window... It's sunny, but the wind is COLD!!! It's supposed to snow again Wednesday and Thursday. Maybe we'll get more than an inch! The unseasonably warm weather is fun, but if it's going to be cold, it better be snowing!!

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Around the house... We're on a cleaning spree!! Well, technically, the Geologist and the Boyzenberries are, but as soon as I'm done with this post, I'll join the fray! Getting ready for VERY special guests day after tomorrow!

I am hoping... Oh, so many hopes!! Most related to adoption, which I can't get too detailed with yet... personal goals... hopes for my friends and their hopes... Hope is a wonderful thing, isn't it??

I am thinking... I have the best husband in the world. He doesn't mind cleaning my house while I blog, he hasn't gotten too frustrated with my lack of dinner planning lately, he always makes me laugh, and he will blog for me when I feel so guilty deserting my readers! I love my Geologist. :)

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I am going... Today, nowhere. Tomorrow, a few errands. Need some new candles and things for this "spring-cleaned" home!

I am reading... I blew through "Beautiful Creatures" over the weekend, because I HAVE to read books before I see their movies. I won't let the Geologist see "Life of Pi" till he reads the book. I've heard the movie actually isn't much like the book... we'll see! It was fun. There is potential for a great movie in there. Or, it could turn into the disaster that is the "Twilight" series. Not that the books were the greatest literature ever, but the movies are just... lame. I'm hoping such a stellar cast (back to Beautiful Creatures) will assure a fantastic film... I LOVE Emma Thompson!!!

I am looking forward to... My parents are visiting on Wednesday!!! I can't WAIT! This will be A: the first time in 4 years they have visited us together, B: the first time in 6 years that we will be showing them a new (ish) living area, C: the first time in... I don't know how many years that I will NOT be recovering from a hospital stay!! It's a little ridiculous. And they might get a Colorado snowfall!

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Something new about me... I love rain. It is my favorite weather ever, in the whole world. One of the very, very, very few things I miss about Missouri is the rainy season. Days and days of rain, pouring, drizzling, misting, fog-filled mornings... I need some rain around here!!

I am wondering... Okay, this is a silly one. The Geologist and I have been watching the new season of American Idol... I won't go into all the drama, but I am puzzled... Keith Urban is SO Australian... how does that translate into that country singing voice of his?? I don't get it! How do you have an American country singing accent, when your normal accent is Australian? I am confused...

Guilty pleasures... Danish Butter Cookies. I usually only see them around the holidays, and if I applied myself, I could probably just learn to make them... but I love them. Except the chocolate chip ones, they're kinda lame. But of course, I eat them anyway. I could eat a whole tin if you let me!!

I am thankful... for Music. I love music!! My choir is fantastic. I love being part of it, and am making friends! I wish you could all come to our Easter concert, there are a few songs that are exceptionally beautiful. At the moment I'm listening to silly, happy, dancey type music while blogging. And the other day we listened to Bollywood while working out! The right music can make your day, moment, week, etc. I'm so glad my boys love music as much as I do! Right now we're all hooked on "Gone, Gone, Gone" by Phillip Phillips. Its SUCH a happy song! We're so glad he won American Idol, he's so wonderfully talented and original!!

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Favorite Things... The Westminster Dog Show!! It was on last week, I'm still recording re-plays. So many amazing dogs!! The ones I like never win best in show though. Sigh. My favorite dogs in Dogdom are the setters. They're so beautiful!!! The Gordon is my favorite. We'll never own one... sigh... The Geologist doesn't like their extra-long coats, and they're a bit too energetic for our family... but I can still dream, can't I?? Someone asked me once if Bracken was part Gordon, it totally made my day :)


  1. I hope you have a great visit with your parents :)

    ANd yes...rain is wonderful!!

  2. I love stopping in to see what's going on in your life. Love the recipes, and I'm keeping your wish for a baby in prayer.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches

  3. I suck at blogging and always go on these random hiatus..es.. (is that a word?), but I always love coming back to your blog! It's so fun to hear about you and your life, and I love seeing that you are still the ever-hopeful, cheerful, optimistic person I know and love. I miss you April-friend! :)

    1. I love it when you come back and leave me loads of comments! Sorry it took me forever to reply this time :) I miss you too!!!

  4. Sounds like you guys are being productive in your new home! Good luck with the cleaning/organizing and maybe you should go get some fancy dessert to celebrate being done! :D

    1. More like SLEEP!! :) But it's nice to have such a clean house!

  5. April, I didn't know you loved Phillip Phillips! I do too! One of my favourite American Idols! He is such a natural talent and his voice is so pure and it just rolls out of his mouth like a trickling stream. There is nothing forced. So glad you are having a visit with your parents. I long for that myself. I always love your daybooks. It is like sitting down for a nice visit with you and one day I hope that will happen for real. Love you much. xxoo

  6. Hi! I think that Cooks Illustrated's French Butter Cookies (Sables) are meant to be like the Danish tin (all of their variations on the recipe mimic the different styles too), if you ever want a recipe. I'm not much into that style of cookie, but my husband loves the recipe. They are pretty easy to, if I recall :)


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