February 9, 2013

Hello again, it is I, The Geologist

My wifely one is feeling sick and I have ordered her to stay in her recliner.  She is not quite lucid and keeps mumbling things under her breath.  I am not sure what it all means.  Most things she says I can't make out, but I caught a few words like: followers, oven, must *pause* take *pause* pictures, Marie, flour, etc.  Since she is out of commission I have decided to write a short post in her absence.  

Today we are playing a game.

The first person to guess what her next post will be based on these close-up pictures wins automatically.

If no one is awesome enough to guess the actual item, there will be points awarded as follows:

1 point for each picture identified correctly.
1 point for getting the correct dish even if it isn't the right flavor, variety, etc.
1 point if you are not grossed out by the snot looking thing (you have to tell the truth if it grosses you out, honesty is the best policy).

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Good luck.  I will let April decide what the winner or winners get and when or if he or she or them or they get it or that or the thing slash item.

P.S. As usual, April is not allowed to edit this post.  Typos are all myne.  No edditinng.  I mean itj!



  1. I think she will be posting about cupcakes with icing for Valentine's Day. And the third photo looks like creamed honey....it didn't gross me out:)

  2. This is so cool...I think I'll have to be with one foot on the grave for my hubs to write one line on my blog, lucky you April! oh btw, feel better...let;s see..looks like chocolate frosting on top of some cake..yum..the second one looks like some lemon spongy cake and the third one looks like dripping wax...hope you are not planning on shaving or waxing any body parts...lol..so next post lemon cake with chocolate frosting with a birthday candle on top...Lizy at http://justdipitinchocolate.blogspot.com

  3. The first thing is brownie batter. The second thing is a muffin, or one of her gubbery sweet breads. or a scone. Orange, most likely.
    The third thing is distracting... it's the texture of the surface behind it that intrigues me, and makes me think of figs. or a frozen banana. or a sweet potato.. or yam. or squash. I'll go with sweet potato.
    your typos are killing me!
    Thank you for banishing her to the recliner. Well done. I'm your biggest fan.

    1. Stephen says "Make your mind up, it doesn't count if you can't pick one!"

    2. brownie batter, orange bread, sweet potato. happy?

  4. Beef casserole, mashed potatoes with cheese topping and chocolate pudding with honey - what can I say? you are a good sport for filing in. Hope April feels better really soon.

  5. chocolate marmalade cake/cupcakes?

  6. The second pic looks like the top of a pre-icing cupcake.

  7. The first picture is fudge, the second must be cream cheese, the third looks like carmel.. Not gross. It must be the fudgy cheesecake brownies. It's on the menu anyway.

  8. Hope you feel better soon April!

  9. I don't know why I keep thinking of you Mr Geologist as the mad Scientist, but there you go. Old dog, new tricks. I love it when you take over for April. haha it's fun. I do hope she feels better soon though.

    I think the first one is chocolate cherry squares. The second one looks like a cake of some sort . . . or maybe she is even going to try to make the orange marmalade cake again.The third one looks like tree resin, but as that is not a type of food I will hazard a guess. It looks like sugar and butter melted together to a soft ball stage . . . perhaps a type of glaze?

    April, feel better soon. I am sending extra love and get better hugs to you! (((((hugs)))))

  10. Picture 1 looks like chocolate frosting
    Picture 2 is a cupcake
    aaand picture 3 is some sort of marmalade or jam?

    sooooo fruity cupcakes with chocolate frosting?

    haha enjoy the rest :)

  11. im terrible at guessing but i so hope april feels better soon, not that your post isn't fantastic! how sweet is it that stepped in. :)
    feel better soon april!

  12. The first one looks like Chocolate Frosting, followed by yellow cake and the third looks reminiscent of that frosting you make for german chocolate cakes. So I am thinking a german chocolate cake, without nuts?

  13. Replies
    1. Me too, I laughed so hard when he finally let me read it :)


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