August 26, 2014

Weekly Menu August 26

Sorry friends, I don't much feel like being creative and newsy and entertaining today. We bought Bracken some new booties today, to protect her fragile nails and keep her from licking her feet, and as I was putting them on I found that every nail on her two front paws is cracking, separating, oozing, and crusted. The poor girl has infections in every nail bed (and inside the separated nails), and my heart is just breaking for her. No wonder she can't leave her feet alone, and I've been scolding her every time she licks them. She's such a good sport, so cheerful (well, except with her old booties, she totally pouted with those on) and loving and snuggly and playful, but she's in constant pain. She's my baby and my therapy; her goal in life is to make me feel better, and I can't fix her. I can only hope that in a month or two, she'll feel better. Months. It's just very, very hard on my heart right now.


  1. Oh, puppy! *sniff*. I"m soooo sorry!!

  2. My heart goes out to you and your gentle companion. Its very hard when the ones who love us unconditionally are hurting. Your in my thoughts and prayers as you heal each other.



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