March 31, 2014

Weekly Menu March 31

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This week we have:
Awesome Chicken Enchiladas
Cinnamon Swirl Cookie Bars
Easiest Pineapple Cake

For today, March 31 ...

Outside my window...Tis a sunny day, with a bite in the wind. March is going out with a bit of a fight; we haven't had snow in a few weeks but the sun hasn't quite taken over yet. We even had a windstorm last night! My flowers seem to be confused, because they've stalled at the "just leaves" stage... I think they're waiting for a little more warmth!

I am thankful... I am thankful for Groupons, hotel pools, for childhood memories and sunny days, for hugs and blessings and dear, dear friends who know what you need before you realize it yourself. I'm thankful for inner strength, anger (well-placed), and plans. I'm thankful to finally be wearing my wedding ring again, after five years! I finally got it re-sized. Turns out I had the metal warranty so I could have done it for free anytime... *facepalm* and I got it re-sized a hair too big, so I have to wear it on the other hand half the time, but hey! I'm officially married again! :)

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In the kitchen... This week I'm baking up some yummy school lunch treats for the boys, and something special for the office. The blueberry rolls went over so well; I really need to take advantage of those treat recipients more often! Although I now wish I had kept just a few of those for myself... they were sooo good... Ah well. The Geologist caught our family bug now, so dinner plans are basically on hold till he feels better. I also need to process and mail a batch of lemon curd to my Dad. I sent some home with my Mom while she was visiting, and apparently he's never tasted it before, because he's addicted!! He keeps asking when he can have more. He just eats it out of the jar with graham crackers! Why didn't I ever think of that?!

I am wondering... How in the world is it possible that me, the immune-compromised person who catches every 24 hour fever that wafts by, has not caught this family flu yet?? It's craziness! I've got one more week before I'm in the clear, that seems to be about how long it takes to hit...

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I am going... This week the boys go back to school. We had a lovely vacation, but now they're getting on each other's nerves, so I'd say the break ends just in time! Not much else is planned for this week, but next week we fly to Washington DC to visit my family! This trip is my birthday present, and I planned it to coincide with the Cherry Blossom Festival, which I have been dying to see since they moved there! I'm so excited!! It will be our last visit to DC before my parents move out here this summer, and we've got the week packed full of activities. We might even make a crazy birthday jaunt up to NYC! I won't be blogging for the next two weeks, but will be back the 21st.

Around the house... Ugh, I need to do some serious cleaning this week. Kids being sick, spring break, vacation, all made me slack off some of those daily chores, and I'm paying for it! This week will be cleaning week. In other news, we're gathering carpeting quotes! I can't WAIT to have this living room carpeted, and have all the old ugly carpet out of the bedrooms. The next step is painting and wainscoting, and then it will finally feel like MY house! When you live in a house with someone else's distinctive wall colors, it doesn't truly feel like yours until you get your own colors up. Not to mention the little decor that I'm collecting REALLY doesn't work with these colors.

One of my favorite things... MOSS. Moss is so mysterious and magical. And beautiful! Do you have any idea how many types of moss there are? Deep dark woods and fairy gardens would not be complete without soft, velvety emerald moss, don't you think? I especially love up-close macro pictures of it. My Mom once made me an entire calendar full of macros of moss, lichen, and itty-bitty pinecones. I adore those teeny tiny worlds hidden in the corners, everywhere you look!

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  1. Have fun at the festival! And take lots of pretty pictures!!!

  2. I agree, have fun at the festival! Oh, and for the record . . . lemon curd is REALLY good with gingersnaps! Don't say I didn't warn you! tee hee
    Love you. xxoo

  3. I think Spanish moss is my favorite. It is like nature's lace.

    1. You know, I've never seen Spanish miss in real life. Only in books and movies! I'm going to have to make my way further south and see this "nature's lace". Love your description!


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