March 10, 2014

Weekly Menu March 10

This week we have:
Fool-Proof Homemade Brioche
Lemon Garlic Orzo Soup
Almond Brioche Buns

For today, March 10 ...

Outside my window... I'm sensing a pattern here... Just like last week, it's sunny and 60's with a forecast of snow for tomorrow! Ah well, I'll just make the boys play outside for hours to soak up enough sunshine to last them a few days. Shouldn't be too difficult. :)

I am thinking... I think it's time for me to get some props and tools. While my food photography has improved immensely over the past year, I still can't get quite the look I want. That bright, white, full of light look. Ha, that rhymed. I think it's time to do some reading, and a bit of investing. Must keep improving!!
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I am thankful... I am so immensely grateful my boys were SO good this week. It made a week alone so much more bearable. We had a pretty great time, actually! I am grateful for friends to help as well as friends who helped me, giving me a break. I'm grateful for Colorado's crazy weather because it's never boring. I'm grateful for dishwashers and helpful boys who unload them and bomb-proof stand-mixers and GOOD butter.

I am going... Not much of anywhere this week. My one big job is on Friday and Saturday, making muffins for 50+ people. Other than that, we're taking it easy!

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In the kitchen... I spent all day yesterday baking brioche with the doors and windows wide open. It was glorious!! This week I'm trying out a new pancake recipe (Joe's favorite flavor, in fact!) and making a bazillion muffins on Friday. I think I'll try one of the kid-friendly cookie recipes I've pinned... And maybe something asparagus-y for next week? It is my favorite veggie after all, and it's in season!

I am looking forward to... Spring breaaaaaak!! Woohoo! Well, as long as it doesn't snow too much. Maybe we'll drive to St. George and see my Grandma, do some southern Utah camping. Maybe our bonus will be humongous and we'll go to Disney World or something. Maybe we'll just hang out and do nothing... Either way, a whole week with my three favorite boys, sleeping in every single morning. Love Spring Break. Week after next!

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One of my favorite things... A long, super-hot, yummy smelling bubble bath. I'd rather take a bath (if I have time) than a shower any day! Well, maybe not in the middle of summer. Still. It's my favorite form of cheap relaxation and escape. Especially with a good book! I've always wanted one of those little bath reading shelves. At the moment I'd settle for a decent bathtub. We had a glorious huge oval one in our apartment, but here... Sigh. It's pretty pathetic. And as soon as you turn the water off half of it drains away. But someday, SOMEDAY we shall replace it!!

I am hoping... Sigh. I mentioned last week that we were finally ready for the certification board to say "yea" or "nay", on the 11th. Well, turns out it's not till the 27th. Not that we're surprised at this point. I think we'll be surprised the day that anything actually happens with our case. So, here we are, still hoping we'll be approved. Hoping there will be a good match for our family, someday. Who knows at this point.

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A peek into my day... All back to normal around here! Starting a healthier schedule this week. Smoothies for breakfast, walks with the beastie in the morning, fewer snacks... and I should probably stop living on frosted mini-wheats. The boys are outside in the trees, when it's this nice I let them do home work after dinner. All the windows are open and I'm listening to Sherlock while writing. No, I'm not obsessed, (well maybe slightly) I just like to listen to TV that I've already seen while I write. It's been Bones re-runs for a few weeks, time for something new!

Pet Peeves... Lazy grocery sackers. Now before any hackles are raised or jumps to the defence of said grocery sackers are made, I've been one before, more than once, so hear me out. It drives me NUTS when they put one or two things in each bag. Three dozen plastic bags, one pound of hamburger, one package of bacon, two jars of spaghetti sauce in each. Seriously?! GAH!! Such a waste!!

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  1. I hope the weekend job baking the muffins goes well! I'll take any that are leftover :)

  2. I usually try to bring my own, reusable bags to the store, and I HELP load them and ask the clerk to pack them full!

  3. p.s…can't wait for the soup recipe. Seriously. Hurry up!

  4. Love our day book as always April. I hope that you don't have to wait too long for a little girl. Are you adopting through LDS services?

    I love reading about the boys. Reminds me of my own. I don't think we ever had a yard they didn't build a fort in at least one of the trees. Boys are so much fun!

    My best tip for your photography would be to use natural light. Set up a table near to a window where you get a lot of light, but make sure it's indirect. You don't want the sun shining right on your goodies, it makes too many shadows, so indirect natural light.
    Love you! xxoo


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