December 23, 2013

Weekly Menu Dec 23 & House Pictures!

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This week we have:
Cranberry Orange Muffins
Rosemary Balsamic Pork Tenderloin
Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

For today, Dec 2 ...

Outside my window... It snowed again! Two days in a row, only 10% chance, and we got a lovely white layer of snow in the morning! It's probably going to be just barely too warm the next two days for a White Christmas, but this is certainly better than nothing. :)
I am thinking... That I should finally make this my House Pictures Post! The house is all tidied for the holiday, everything is pretty much unpacked, and right now is the perfect time to show off my house, when it's all lit up with sunshine! So hoooold on, and I'll give you the tour!
 First, our bright and sunny sitting room!  I just realized we don't have any pictures up yet... Oh well! I love this room. I always wanted a house with lots of light, and I got it. I don't have to turn on any of the house lights until about 5:00, unless it's cloudy out. It needs an area rug, and new paint, but there it is!
Open into the dining room, and that door goes to the garage. Eventually the computer desk will move downstairs; this is supposed to be the pretty room, and it isn't very pretty. But I have no other way to play music upstairs at the moment, so it stays.
Dining roooom! With enough space that for the first time in our lives our dining table doesn't have to be pushed up against the wall!
Ahhh, my favorite part of the house. My KITCHEN!!! Eventually the walls will all be white, with beadboard under the cabinets, and new hardware and fixtures and floor tile (it's trashed) but I'm officially keeping the cherry.
This is my new photo space! It is so wonderful not to have to go outside and take pictures in the snow. You have no idea.
I love love LOVE my gas range, but especially the space next to it. Just the right size for chopping things up and tossing them in saucepans! I never knew I wanted a space like that. It's awesome.
And next to the fridge is my baking station! Eventually all those mismatched canisters will be replaced with big matching glass apothecary jars. Can't wait :) I'm loving my uncluttered counters, I moved all our appliances except my mixer (it weighs a million pounds) into...
My giant pantry!! There are EVEN shelves to the right of that dog food canister! Oh, the glory of enough storage space. This area will get a makeover too, real shelves and paint... or wallpaper... Pinterest style ;)
Our little girl's room... whenever we get out of this holding pattern... I wish I had updates, but we're totally stuck for now. It's also been the giftwrapping room this year.
Boys room!! Those plastic drawers will be converted to under-bed bins. We were a little spoiled with bedroom space in our apartment (crazy, I know, but it was a big apartment!) so we need to re-work some of our storage. No big deal!
Our room, dubbed The Ugly Room. Seriously, what's with those paint colors? Together?! It's a nice blue, just not with the brown... Someday we need some grown-up bedroom furniture...
Living room!! As far as I'm concerned, nothing will change about this room. Maybe carpet. The Geologist is on a carpet kick. But I love the red wall, and the shelves, and the dark tile around the fireplace. We love this room :)
This will eventually be a music room and library. We're going to install bookshelves to the right, have a reading area with comfy chairs, and see if we can get a short piano down here... This is where the computer desk will eventually live too. Right now it's just the kids' art area.
Last but not least, our guest room! It's a little empty, but the bed is comfy and ready for visitors!!

That's it, our new home! We're madly in love with it. Lots of fun projects planned, and I'll keep you posted on all of our updates. We're so thankful for this bright and cozy house, and the be able to spend this first Christmas in it!!


  1. It's just beautiful and I'm sooo happy for you! Merry Christmas, we love you guys!

  2. What a lovely BIG home you have April! I can't wait to see what all you do with it! You have a beautiful canvas to make your mark upon! Happy Christmas to all of the Phillips family! xxoo

  3. What a beautiful home! Congratulations!!!!

  4. Your house is really nice!!

    1. Thank you! I truly love it, and hope we get to stay here forever :)

  5. You're welcome, and I hope you do too!


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