November 5, 2013

Weekly Menu Nov 5

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This week we have:
Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats

For today, Nov 5 ...

Outside my window... It's sunny and cold, and I am pouting, because we had SNOW forecast for today!! Maybe it will cloud over later... Don't take away my snowy day!!

I am thinking... Today's daybook is going to be a short one. It's a day late already, because I developed a sore throat this weekend (at choir practice, of all places! Gah!) and don't feel quite so hot. All energy gone, I just want to curl up in a chair with a comfy blanket and some biscotti and read. Or watch useless TV. Too bad I can't, grown-up life calls!! :)

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I am thankful... for Weather. I may whine a bit when it isn't the weather I want, but I'm grateful for it anyway! And I'm grateful to live in a place where the weather is all over the place. It would be so boring if it was sunny every single day. Always. Blah. At least in Colorado, it's constantly changing. And I hear rumors that we're in for a super snowy winter this year! I sure hope so, because last year winter just never showed up. Which was awfully embarrassing for me, after telling The Geologist stories about Colorado snowstorms and blizzards...

In the kitchen... Holy cow, that biscotti smells amazing!! 

I am looking forward to... Already planning for Thanksgiving, excited for a shopping trip with friends on Thursday, and guess what?? We have a moving date!!! We are moving into our new house the first weekend of December!! Assuming all goes well with the inspections and appraisals and such of our sellers' new home. HOORAY!!!

One of my favorite things... Leaf piles!! I love jumping in leaf piles! And shuffling through the ones that collect around sidewalks and gutters. Joe and I do it wherever we go, and he points out any that I've missed. We went to a neighborhood park to play in the leaves this year, but Joe was having a particularly sensitive day and only jumped twice. Couldn't handle the itchy leaves all over. Kinda broke my heart, I must admit, but at least Stephen and I had fun! We even got Bracken to search for her ball in the leaf pile. 

Around the house... I've gotten to this awful point where our apartment just feels like a hotel and I don't care much about it anymore. I'm too busy looking forward to our house! Which means I'm not keeping it as tidy as I should... No excuse, bad April!! I need to go through all our clothes and pack away the summer ones, finish getting rid of the ones I will never wear again, and do some Winter cleaning. It's like Spring cleaning, but instead of freshening the house for spring, it's getting it all spic and span to spend all winter in!

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Guilty Pleasures... Shows about tattoos. Yes, I know Mom, judge away. I don't watch them for the people, or the drama, I watch them for the art, and the stories. Because done well, tattoos really are art! I will never get one, but I still think they're fascinating. And can be quite gorgeous. 

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  1. I love tattoos also. I have one very large one, but I know that I won't get another one ever. It is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. We don't get any snow here, but I would love to play in it some day. Feel better soon.

    1. Ooo, now I'm intrigued! What is it??

    2. A goth fairy. She takes up 3/4 of my back. She has black, skinny bat like wings and sits on a grassy ledge.

    3. Cool!! Hey, at least it isn't a butterfly... or a dolphin :) Very original!

  2. I used to want a tattoo on my ankle. I am glad I never got one. My sister has several. She has a rose on her shoulder and a big blue bow between her kidneys. I always tease her that one day when she is old and in an old people's home the nurses are going to be wondering about that wierd birthmark she has between her bottom cheeks! lol I know . . . rude. Anyways, I long for a white Christmas. I have not had one in over thirteen years now! I love to play in leaf piles too. Favourite childhood memory is making a fort out of leaves with my best friend. Ok, so it was just a circular pile of leaves, but meh! To us it was a fort! xxoo


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