November 23, 2013

Small & Wonderful Things 36

Snowflakes... Especially when they actually LOOK like snowflakes, not balls of ice :)

Skinny jeans that fit, look great, and are comfy!

Sparkly Fall-colored Uggs! *giggle*

Planning our Thanksgiving menu

Bittersweet. I used to gather it from roadsides in Missouri to put in vases. So pretty!
Source: sutton15445

Listening to the Nutcracker

Fluffy seeds, just like the ones in Fantasia!

Camera phones with great macro :)

New glasses

School and work holidays!


  1. Love your small and wonderfuls April! Those boots are great! There is so much good in life isn't there We just have to have seeking hearts! Not long now til you are in your new place. Exciting times!
    Love you! xxoo

  2. Oh my gosh is that your snowflake capture????


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