July 1, 2013

Weekly Menu July 1

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This week we have:
Homemade Hamburger Buns
The Geologist's Homemade Burgers
Cinnamon Toast Biscotti
Strawberry Shortcake Scones

For today, July 1...

Outside my window... It's sunny, as usual. I'm so spoiled! I want some rain! I know I have friends across the ocean who would love to switch with me, weather-wise. But I like variety in my weather. Or rain. Love rain. We should get some this week, with a bit of a cool-down. Hooray!

I am thinking... Ah, how wonderful to have a clear head! We let the boys camp outside on the patio instead of going camping a few weeks ago. Left the windows open so we could hear them, just in case, and let the whole pollen-y state of Colorado into our bedroom. Allergies ran rampant. I sat down on Monday last week and stared blankly at my computer screen with a head full of cement... it just wasn't happening. So I took a break to "clear my head", literally! Ha! The allergies are officially fading, I can even breathe through my nose!

I am thankful... for my long-suffering husband. I became a bit of a lazy-bones the past few weeks, not feeling so great, but he picked up my slack when I didn't really have any excuse. No complaints. He should have told me to get off my rear! But he didn't. Luckily I realized it and apologized; if it had lasted much longer, he probably would have gotten awfully annoyed with me!

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In the kitchen... Not baking tons this week, just planning for the camping trip! I am thinking about kitchens a lot though. Dreaming of what mine will look like, feel like, what I'll fill it with, how I'll dress it up. The amount of DIY stuff on Pinterest for upgrading your house is amazing! I can't wait! My one hold-out is butcher-bock counters. I want those sooo bad!! Everything else can be fixed with some trim and white paint! I love the bright, warm, simple, country-looking kitchens. Like this one!

I am going... This week is packed full of fun! Wednesday we're going to the Museum of Nature and Science with another family of friends and an early fireworks show at night, Thursday is the 4th of July, but we're heading for the hills! Trying this camping thing one last time! So I'll set up my posts to publish while I'm gone, and fill you in on our adventures next week. Maybe even some camping recipes!

I am hoping... Hoping we can find a camping spot. Hoping I really can keep my flowers alive this time. Hoping we get some rain around here. Hoping our social worker will get in touch again. Hoping a very dear friend gets good news about a very scary health issue. Hoping we can keep saving towards our house! Lots of hopes around here lately. 

I am learning... from my failures. As a gardener, specifically. Yep, I told you I killed plants, and I've proved it! One of the dahlias, all of the little blue fillers, the thyme and a petunia all died. Fried in the 90+ degree summer days, when their silly gardener didn't realize she was only watering the top inch of soil! Then I didn't water them everyday, because they looked wet. That just doesn't cut it in these scorching Western summers!  So I got an on-sale mini rose-bush to replace the dahlia, more thyme, and a mint plant to fill it in. I actually like it even better now, and I think I have learned enough to keep this new batch alive! Plus The Geologist bought me a strawberry plant!! Here's hoping!

Around the house... Stephen is rambling around outside, exploring and observing like the little scientist he is. Joe is cleaning their room, he got in a bit of trouble this morning for not helping. Bracken is snoozing at my feet, literally... I can't move the computer chair without running into her! We'll probably head to the pool later this afternoon, but right now it's just nice enough to let the breeze in.

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One of my favorite things... The movies of Hayao Miyazaki. For years, of course, we've collected kid movies instead of grown-ups movies, and I am very selective. In fact, I finally got rid of our copy of Charlotte's Web because that movie is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. The boys didn't even notice! Anyway. Miyazaki. His movies are just plain the best, in my opinion. They're gorgeously animated, incredibly creative and full of wonder. He creates stories (or versions of classics) that no one else could dream up. We love them! We're slowly collecting them all. Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite, and I'm currently playing the soundtrack from the latest, The Secret World of Arietty, nearly non-stop. It's just so lovely!

I am looking forward to... Well, this week and all it's adventures, of course, but further ahead, we're going back to the cabin on the 24th! A whole week at the cabin with my parents! I can't wait, it's been years since we've been able to meet there. Heaven, to me, is the cabin with my family.

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Something new about me... I want to get to know you better! So I'm going to start asking questions. I've rambled a lot on this blog about my obsession with Great Britain. What place on Earth most captures your heart and imagination? Japan, the South, Alaska, Africa, Spain, France, New Zealand? Why? Have you been able to visit that place? I'd love to hear!

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  1. Hi April! Been a busy week so I am just getting here. As usual love all of your thoughts. I like the idea of you asking US a question. I always dreamed of going to Great Britain when I was a child and my dream came true and as you know I even get to live here now! (Quick pinch me! ) Other than that I dream of Italy . . . one day, one day . . .


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