March 30, 2016

Meet Mei Li Kay!

The blogging itch has been growing the past few weeks, and last night I got a pretty huge boost of motivation! Some of you may have seen it, but just in case, Buzzfeed posted a list of 25 High-Altitude Recipes and FIVE of them were mine! I had over 3000 hits in 24 hours! Welp, turns out that was the final push I needed, and I'm baaaack! I posted some epic chocolate cupcakes yesterday, and today I'm catching you up on life. Specifically, my 4 year old distraction from blogging, Mei Li Kay!

We met her officially, in person, on Jan. 3. There is so much to tell, so I'll give you highlights! Somehow, miraculously, she bonded with us immediately! The talking photo album we sent might have helped, and I know her incredible foster mom had a lot to do with it, but it felt (and still feels) like a miracle!

She especially adored her brothers from the first minute, and they love her to bits!
She fits right into our family, we call her our missing piece. She's definitely girly, but can completely hold her own with her brothers, whether they're wrestling or hiking or climbing trees!
She's learning English incredibly fast, almost never says anything in Chinese anymore, and refuses to acknowledge anyone who tries to speak Chinese to her. She even started preschool just a few weeks after we got home, and loves it!
She was terrified of our giant beastie at first, but now she and Bracken are best buds. She's still not sure about other dogs, but loves our beast. 
We just got back from a road trip all over Utah and back to Colorado, and she's just as amazing a traveler as the boys are! Not a bit of whining or crying!
She love love loves music, we have dance parties ALL the time! She's silly and sweet and chatty and giggles ALL the time. 
Her goofy brothers are probably her favorite people, and she wants to do anything they're doing!

If it isn't raining or snowing, she's probably outside on her scooter. She loves being outside, and pretty much doesn't stop moving!
Her favorite color is dark blue, with black a close second. No, really, she picks them herself! She's definitely got her own sense of style! She's super tough, gives the best hugs, is the happiest little waker-upper I've ever met, and ridiculously smart!

Not to mention completely and totally adorable. But hey, I'm biased. We love her SO MUCH, and we have to keep reminding ourselves that she's only been with us for 2 months, because it feels like she's always been here! Our family is complete!


  1. What a litte sweetie! Congratulations!

  2. She is beautiful and looks to be so animated with all her smiles, faces and poses. You've been blessed for sure.

    1. We truly have, our whole family is so happy :)

  3. Congratulations, April! This is wonderful news-Mei Li is SO adorable! I worked with foster children as a social worker so I'm always so happy to see another child adopted.

    I'm sorry I'm so bad at popping over, it seems that time disappears quicker and quicker each and every day! Congrats on the BuzzFeed post! That's awesome! I think they've banned me after I called them out on their horrible pasta sauce recipe! ;)

    1. That's okay Christina!! I'm terrible at visiting too, lol. I loved your pasta smack-down, they needed it! Go you!!

  4. She is the cutest little girl! We are very happy to see you guys are having such an easy transition! Congrats!


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