December 22, 2015

Favorite Christmas Treats

I said I wasn't going to post, but I'm sitting here waiting for my second batch of caramels to hit "soft ball" and realized that heck, there are a few more days until Christmas, maybe a few of you are looking for a last treat or two to whip together, so here is a compilation of my very favorite Christmas treats. Enjoy, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

First up, since they're the one that gave me this idea, Classic Caramels. Perfect, chewy, buttery caramels, and not as tricky as you might think!

If you're in the mood to play on the wild side just a little, try these Apple Cider Caramels instead! (Or also...) They're my new favorite, so I make both every year now! They're insanely addicting, seriously.

These Soft & Thick Cut-Out Sugar Cookies bring in the most holiday "traffic" for this little blog of mine, which makes me VERY proud because they are my favorite holiday treat of all time! The frosting is perfect, beautiful AND delicious, and the cookies are thick, soft, and scrumptious. Love. :)

If I'm not in the mood to spend hours decorating cookies (cuz with me, it takes hours), these are my close second favorite cookies, Molasses Spice Cookies. Lots of ginger, deep molasses, totally classic!

My three boys agree that next to caramels, these 7-Layer Cookies (bars?) are their favorite. Without a doubt the easiest thing on this list: dump a bunch of stuff in a pan, bake it, and eat. Surely you could squeeze them in!

These were the first biscotti I ever made, and still my favorite. If you've never made (or tried) biscotti before, these Egg Nog Biscotti are actually pretty easy! And completely delicious!

Another childhood favorite, not entirely sure what it's called... We called it Wassail, it might actually be "Russian Tea", whatever it is, it's hot, citrus-y, cider-y, with cinnamon and cloves and trust me, you need some. Not to mention it will make your house smell heavenly as it simmers!

Polar Express Hot Chocolate. " thick and rich as melted chocolate bars..." 'Nuff said. 

Last, but not least, because you might need a Christmas dessert, just maybe, and this is my favorite cake ever, PLUS it's pretty festive with all that rich molasses/treacle/date/toffee nonsense going on, Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake. 

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