August 21, 2015

August 20 Daybook


For today, August 20 ... I'm back!! I had every intention of blogging all summer, but between adoption stuff, entertaining the boys (aka living at the pool), vacations, and life in general, my brain was just on constant overload. I sat down in front of the computer a few times and stared blankly at the screen for a while before realizing that I had nuthin. :) Luckily I kept taking pictures of food, so I have fun stuff saved up for you!

Outside my window... We had a few cooler days in the 70's and it felt heavenly! One day even had a hint of that Fall chill in the breeze, but today we're back up to 80's and sunny. I may be imagining things, but the sunshine is starting to feel different, less scorching and more mellow. One more month of summer!!

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I am thinking... You guys. I have a one track mind today. Our adoption paperwork left for China on Tuesday, and the next day we got our very first little girl's file to review!!! We have an appointment today to talk to a doctor who is looking over her medical file for us, and are waiting until then to make an official decision, BUT things are looking extremely positive! Just a few days from now I might have a HUGE announcement for you!

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I am going... 30 Days until Scotland!!! I can't flipping wait!!

In the kitchen... I have to admit, not much has been happening in my kitchen lately. There is something about summer, maybe it's those 90 degree days, that kinda kills my cooking and baking desires. We've eaten lots of pancakes and fried egg sandwiches this summer. :)

I am reading... I am on a Patricia A. McKillip marathon. I just finished Winter Rose, read The Changeling Sea before that, and starting The Book of Atrix Wolfe next. The Changeling Sea might be one of my favorite books ever! She's a very original writer, incredible descriptions, unique characters, no classic fantasy cliches. Reading her books is like wandering through a dream, I'm completely addicted!

I am looking forward to... Uh, Scotland, obviously, Fall, knowing for sure who our little girl is, going to the cabin next weekend just for fun, 6 months of free school days, travel to China, naptime... many things. :)
I am learning... I learned this past weekend, when we went camping, that Joe has an eye for photography! To start, this kid has serious eagle eyes. His favorite outdoor activity is finding flowers and mushrooms and tiny bits of beauty, and he wanted to show each and every little discovery around our campsite to my mom and me. We were being boring grownups and just wanted to sit and BE, so I handed him my phone and let him take pictures. Quite a few of them were truly lovely! (Like these two!) He's going to ask Santa for a camera for Christmas. I approve of this development. :)

Around the house... We've had some major house projects this summer!! First of all, I gave my front flower bed a complete makeover, but that will get its own post. Second, we moved our boys downstairs into the big study-type-room that had a wall open to the TV room. They needed more space! Their old room will be transformed into their little sister's room. In the process of planning the best way to close up that wall, The Geologist decided to expand the project, close up the weird triangle-shelf-hole thing behind the TV, AND open up the stair wall. All of the construction is done, now we just need to paint. Currently it's just sitting there waiting for us to summon up some motivation, ha!

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  1. Wow, seriously so excited for you guys! I will be waiting anxiously for an update!

  2. I'm truly excited for you and counting the sleeps until we get to finally meet in person! Yay! This is an amazingly exciting time for you and the wee little girl that will finally be yours. I am so happy for you April. I truly am. xoxo


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