March 9, 2015

Weekly Menu March 9

This week we have:
Tortilla Soup
Cheddar, Goat Cheese and Chive Biscuits

For today, March 9...
Outside my window... The sun is out, the snow is melting, I think it's safe to say that Spring is finally here! February sure brought in the end of Winter with a vengeance, I think we got more snow last month than the rest of our winter combined! But there is nothing but 50 and 60 degrees in the forecast, and I am thrilled!

I am thankful... For sunshine and sprouting bulbs, paperwork and cleared checks and game nights, Facebook and blog comments and new neighbors. I'm thankful for the sweetest, most patient husband in the whole wide world, the snuggliest beast of a dog, and the lovingest little boys in history. I'm thankful for the 45 minute long stretch of I-25 that connects my parents' house to mine, and constant pictures of the sprawling growth of their new puppy Moose!

Source: aristocrator
In the kitchen... Yikes, time to get my rear in gear and rack up some recipes to post! Eeek! Need some light, Spring-y recipes for you... lemon is Spring-y, right? Asparagus, maybe? Okay, I can't lie, I've still totally got baker's block. But I'll come up with something, never you fear!! And yeah, lemons will probably be involved. 

I am learning... I have learned to like exercise! Only very, very specific exercise within my personal silly parameters, but who cares. I'm hooked on walking! My beastie and I have a perfect walking path behind our old apartment, we just park at one end and take off. Somehow, walking outside, I can go infinitely further than on a treadmill. Every second on a treadmill feels like five minutes. Watching TV doesn't even help! So I'm going to make the most of this spring, walk as much as I can, get ready for all those hills and dales of Scotland, before it gets too hot for my wimpy self to walk outside. (I promise, some time between now and September I'll stop talking about Scotland, but it's a dream come true, so please bear with me just a teeny bit!) Then I'll get myself a membership to a pool. Some kind of switch has been flipped in my head and I'm going to make the most of it, before my usual lack of motivation kicks back in!

Source: Pinterest
Around the house... Okay, I'm so excited for this one: The Geologist is going to build me a new kitchen table!! We tried (okay, HE tried) multiple times, to re-finish the table we have, but it was impossible. SUCH drama, seriously. So I get a new one! Built completely to MY specifications, I want it a little longer than the table I have, a hair narrower, and tough, and the look inspired by the picture above! I will have the exact same chairs as that picture, same colors, but my beams will run lengthwise, all one piece, no spaces for extra "leaves". It's going to be gorgeous! Plus, my Dad is going to help, and there are few things more adorable than watching your father and your husband get all giddy over power tools and two-by-fours. :)

I am looking forward to... Ohhh, so many things! My mind and imagination are split betwen two very different countries! On one hand, narrowing down all the details and activities and possibilities for our trip to Scotland in the Fall. You guys, it's SCOTLAND!!! I'm daydreaming of the coast and the highlands and the forest, the train from Harry Potter and the castle from Monarch of the Glen, all these adorable B&B's and The Geologist's castle, which we have already reserved, for a surprisingly reasonable price, I might add! On the other hand, my heart is in China, wondering if our little girl is there yet, wondering if someone is bringing us her file, wondering how soon we'll get to see a picture of her little face! I've got paperwork coming out of my ears, but luckily, I happen to love filling out paperwork. I refuse to let The Geologist do it if I can help it, his handwriting is sooo bad! I have favorite pens, a big folder full of pockets, I may have never been so organized in my life! Things are moving along about as quickly as we could hope, we might even be able to send out our dossier by the end of April! Fingers crossed! Not much else is going on around here other than the big stuff, we're just loving the sun, making the boys spend hours outside in it, and spontaneously running back and forth for games nights with my parents. 

One of my favorite things... Folding egg whites. I know, silly, huh? But seriously, there is nothing that makes me feel quite so spiffy and gourmet like folding egg whites into batter. It took me a little while to learn how to do it correctly, and now every time I do, everything just drifts out of my mind, and I'm left with confidence and "zen", for lack of a better word. I could stand there, folding those egg whites, for hours and hours. Of course, if I did that, then I would ruin the batter... anyway. 

A peek into my day... Not much going on today, just blogging, sleeping, and making dinner. I had one of those 24 hour fevers yesterday, so as much as I'm itching to get out in this sunshine, I'm taking it easy for one more day. Besides, as soon as the trail that follows our favorite walking path dries out, then Beastie and I can avoid the bikers and I can let her off her leash! Walks are much more fun that way. :)

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  1. I always love your daybooks April. It's nice to see how your mind ticks. I am excited for your table! I wish the Toddster was a bit more handy that way.

  2. My Mom and I have always dreamed of going to Ireland. Scotland, Ireland, same beautiful places in my mind. I would be happy going to both, like a pig in slop. lol


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