January 17, 2015

Small & Wonderful... PUPPIES!!!

 After three or four visits, with all kinds of crowds, we have a new canine member of the family! At the end of January my parents are bringing home their new puppy!! We figured this makes him Bracken's uncle...?
 Meet Moose the Second!!
 Kate and I pretty much knew it would be him from the first time we met the puppies, cuz he licked Dad's nose!! It was a SIGN!! And he's still doing it! Ugh, the cuteness!!
But of course, he loves Mom too. Especially when she has treats. :) He's five weeks old in this picture, six weeks at the moment, and he gets to come home when he's eight weeks old. Gotta spend a few more weeks learning to be a dog!
This is his little sister. She's a total snugglebug, and if she wasn't already reserved and on her way to Maryland in a few weeks, Bracken might have gotten herself a little sister. Okay, probably not, but she still stole my heart!!
 Puppy paraaaaaaade!! I love little Moose leaping in from the right corner... :)
There he is again on the left, with his sister squished in the middle and his brother on the right. The decision was pretty much between these two boys, but they picked "Mr. Personality", as his breeder/Mom calls him.
 Being all grown up with his big buddy Faust. 
 Being a puppy is tiring. About 30 minutes of play, then it's time for a nap! (This one is from Christmas weekend, when we first met)
We love you already, Moose II!!


  1. oh my! so sweet!


  2. AWWWWWWWWW! Faust's paw is as big as Moose's head! Such a cutie, I'm so jealous.

    1. Isn't he adorable?! I'm lucky enough to live 20 minutes from this breeder, so I tag along to every visit. I loved Faust too, he's a gorgeous sweetheart, but yay for puppies!!!

  3. What gorgeous puppies. I am not surprised they captured your hearts. xxoo

  4. It's a good thing his sister got spoken for, cuz we were "this close" to grabbing her! (we can't get a puppy right now). I'm so happy for Mark and Sue and can't wait to meet the little guy! Yay!!

  5. Gosh he's adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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