December 16, 2014

Weekly Menu Dec 16

This week we have: 
Gingerbread Pancakes
Polar Express Hot Chocolate
My Favorite Molasses Spice Cookies

...and a few old favorites!

For today, Dec 16...

I am thinking... Hello again!! You didn't think I'd desert you for all of December, did you?? Well, I couldn't really blame you if you did. We've been having a much more "go-with-the-flow" Christmas season this year, which has been heavenly. I've abandoned all of my expectations for myself, baking when the mood strikes, baking family favorites instead of always trying something new, and being more quality-time-oriented. The only demand I had was that this would be the year we would finally go cut down our own Christmas tree, which came with all kinds of craziness, but more about that later. Anyway, because of these lowered expectations, we've had a peaceful, cozy, season so far, with lots of opportunities for giving and family time. It's been pretty perfect, actually, after we told the boys that if they didn't quit bickering all the time we'd totally tattle to Santa... worked like a charm. :)

I am learning... not to judge a performer by their... cover? Music video? Reputation? Whatever. I mentioned a while back that for some crazy reason that still feels unreal to me, Robin Thicke would be performing at The Geologist's office Christmas party. When I say "office party", I'm talking three floors of a hotel full of people in evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Woah. But still, Robin Thicke?? Seriously? He's not exactly my cup of tea, so I was expecting to snap a picture for proof and wander off somewhere else. Well, it really was him, and now I get, just a little, why he's such a big deal. He's still not my cup of tea, but the man is a darn good performer! His band was amazing too, we especially liked the bassist. We had lots of fun for the first few songs, and then they all started to sound the same. Sometimes he was just so over the top, it was hilarious. But lots of fun. The Geologist dubbed him a "one-man boy band". I'm still jealous that the Houston office got Maroon 5... Just ugh. No fair.

One of my favorite things... Mmmm, gingerbread!! The classic Christmas flavors are eggnog, peppermint/candycane, and gingerbread, right? Gingerbread is hands-down my favorite. Hello, spices and molasses? Yes please!! Muffins are up next on my "to make" list, after which I need to find a scrumptious soft gingerbread man recipe. The pancakes I'm sharing with you this week are scrumptious, and those cookies are gingerbread-y perfection!! I also love the classicness of it all, it's so homey and old-fashioned! I'm all about old-fashioned when it comes to Christmas. Nostalgia all around!!

I am thankful... for perfect timing and answered prayers!! Here's where you get the story of our very first wild Christmas tree! So, we planned and planned, and decided to pull the boys out of school on the 5th, because The Geologist already had that Friday off, and drive up into the mountains to cut down our Christmas tree. This was a tradition I had grown up with and the boys are the perfect age to start it in our family! We packed the car full of food and warm clothes and drove an hour and a half to the ranger station to buy our pass and be directed to the cutting areas. Fifteen minutes away from the station we pulled over to check on an odd buzzing noise the car kept making and discovered that our tires were basically a thread away from a blowout. You couldn't see this from the outside, because they were only wearing on the sides facing in, not the outside edges. Knowing we would have to drive up gravel roads to get to the cutting areas (and wondering how on Earth we made it as far as we did!!) we said a prayer to get home safely and made an appointment to get new tires. On the way home, Joe completely crashed (emotionally) and was a mess for hours, but no flat tires! Saturday was the infamous work party (more on that later too!), so Sunday we skipped church and went back up in The Geologist's car. Yes, bad us, but there was no way I was waiting another week for our tree!! When we arrived, I thought we had a recipe for disaster. It was seriously windy, the wind was freezing, and there was about a foot more snow than reported, so of course, my boys had no snow pants. I foresaw cold, wet, misery. But we hiked around in the woods for about an hour, found the perfect tree, and despite snow-soaked jeans and dozens of falls in the snow, the boys were positively angelic. I kept waiting for the tantrums, but they never came! It was the most perfect first tree-hunting experience I could have possibly asked for! I was literally fighting back tears on multiple occasions.
If we had tried to make the trip work the day we planned, Joe would have been horrible!! Thank goodness for small miracles! The best moment may have been Joe ditching his freezing-wet jeans in the car and turning my hoodie into pants.

Outside my window... Hey, at least it's chilly today! The only thing that hasn't been perfect about the past few weeks has been the unseasonably warm temperatures... but you know me and weather. We had a lovely little snow"storm" on Sunday though, and a 60% chance of a white Christmas in the forecast! Fingers crossed!!

Around the house... Oh, not much, just the most beautiful old-fashioned Christmas tree EVER!!! At least, we think so. :) My parents are moved out of their basement and officially residing in their house! Hooray!! We helped them move in and particularly, put up Christmas lights. It's so fun having them living so close! And to have my basement back. Though they were very good houseguests!

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  1. Such a busy and fun week. I agree I would have like to see Maroon 5 too; but glad you enjoyed Robin Thicke.
    Glad you all had a perfect Christmas tree search and find. What a wonderful experience for all.
    The tree does look perfect.
    xo Catherine

  2. I can't imagine having Christmas Work parties that have these types of entertainers! Wow. Amazing. We did the cut your own tree down thing when the children were growing up and it was always wonderful. Even the melt downs. One year on boxing day we went on a sleigh ride with the whole family. There was no snow when it started, so it was actually a wagon ride, but as we went along the snow began to fall and by the end it was gorgeously snowy and just wonderful My favourite Christmas ever. xxxooo

    1. Awwww, that Christmas sounds completely magical!! What a wonderful memory. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the perks of Stephen's company too, it's so unreal, honestly. I missed you!! I'll be a much better blogging friend from now on, I promise :) *hug*


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