October 27, 2014

Weekly Menu October 27

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This week we have:
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread
Vegetable Cheese Chowder
Pumpkin Swirl Brownies

For today, Oct 27...

Outside my window... IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE FALL!!! I don't know how it happened, I went to sleep after an 80 degree day and woke up to a high of 50! It's chilly and cloudy and I'm living in my new favorite hoodie and loving every second of it!

In the kitchen... It's the last week of October and I haven't posted a SINGLE pumpkin recipe!! This wrong must be made right!! So I'm about to become a pumpkin maniac, whipping up some pumpkin-y treats for you and a special one for a friend. This sudden temperature drop has renewed my enthusiasm!! Pumpkin all around, pumpkin for everyone! If there was such a thing as pumpkin confetti, I would be flinging it.

I am going... NOWHERE. No, that's a good thing! I survived my super-busy week and now it is time to breathe. And bake. And take naps. And go for walks in crisp Fall mornings. Ah, empty schedules are wonderful things!

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I am thinking... You need to see the inside of the fantastic little church our choir had the opportunity to sing in this weekend! It's hidden in downtown Denver and the bell choir we performed with practices there. It has beautiful stained glass (you can see it better here) and the most amazing acoustics, the kind that keeps our sound ringing after we've stopped. If you've ever been in a space like this, you know exactly what I mean. The concert was fun and beautiful and successful and I can't wait to start on Christmas music!!

I am thankful... For hoodies just long enough, free football game tickets, golden aspens, streets covered in fallen yellow leaves, sour gummi worms, seven-year-old boys who love science books, brothers who spend hours building Legos together without a single argument, morning walks, meeting neighbors, and Hansen's root beer.

Something new about me... Very very new, breaking news in fact! I am now a redhead! Pardon the picture quality, it's from my phone. I've had red highlights for the past few years, and every time I got them I would flirt with the idea of going all red... Finally got up the guts to try it and I am in love! Never going back, unless all my hair falls out. Which is an actual possibility. Fingers crossed. :)

Around the house... My parents live in my basement! Don't worry, it's fun, I like my parents. And luckily for me, so does my husband! We have ten pumpkins on our front step and fake spiderwebs all over, and I think I see some leaves changing on our cherry trees! Finally! The beautiful silver maple dropped all of its leaves and I'm pretty convinced those last four green tomatoes aren't going to ripen. A few of my spring bulbs are extremely confused by our past few weeks of disgustingly warm weather (oh, just let me complain!) and have already started coming up... I hope they can go back to sleep!

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I am learning... I am learning, slowly but surely, with much trial and error and help from my awesome little sister, how to apply and wear makeup correctly. Yep, that's right, I'm almost 30 (woah, that feels just plain weird to say...) and up to this point have been completely make-up clueless. And, of course, since I didn't know how to do it right, hating wearing it. Now I'm learning that it can be fun! And not feel like your face is covered with clay. Much nicer. There's also something about wearing a little bit of makeup that makes this  crazy red hair of mine look a little more glam and a little less teenage rebellion.

A peek into my day... I'm listening to The Gilmore Girls while I blog, Bracken is literally laying on my feet and keeping them warm. The clouds are slowly darkening, we might actually get some rain this afternoon, which would be the cherry on top of this perfect day. The only things I have to do today is bake the first pumpkin item on my list and take Bracken to the vet for a check-up. She's eating again, hooray!

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  1. I absolutely love your new hair color. It is gorgeous on you! Looking forward to all things pumpkin.

    1. Thank you!!! I love it too, but I have been a little worried if people would think it was silly. Posting that last pumpkin recipe tomorrow, sorry for the delay, ack!!


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