July 28, 2014

Weekly Menu July 28

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This week we have:
Honey Almond Granola with Craisins
Braised Short Rib Tacos - Improved!!
Zucchini Cake Bars

For today, July 28 ...
Outside my window... It's sunny and warm, NOT hot! Rain is on the horizon, should roll in by evening, and then there is nothing but rain, off and on, as far as the eye can see, for the forecastable future!! (And no, that is not my view of Big Ben through the rain, but a girl can dream, right??)

I am thinking... Fall. I have Fall on the brain, people!! Two weeks of 90+ degrees, and I'm done with Summer. Luckily for me, Colorado seems to be thinking the same thing, because it's going to be rainy and 70's for the next week or more! After the last two years of horrific wildfires all over the state, this year's buckets and buckets of rain are a welcome relief! And are keeping this summer nice and "cool". That'll help make this last month or so of Summer much more fun, but I've still got cozy sweaters, crisp mornings, crunchy leaves, and pumpkins and apples dancing in my head!

I am thankful... for cloudy days, sunny days, foggy days, rainy days, stormy days, and clear days. As much as I whine about heat, I mainly just love weather. All of it! I'm thankful for comfy mattresses, wireless internet, gas stoves and stand mixers. I'm thankful for angel boys and romantic husbands, loving friends and hilarious family. I'm thankful for the sound of hummingbirds buzzing over my yard, even if I can't catch one of the darn things actually eating at my feeder! Them OR the goldfinches. They're boycotting me. But I love them anyway. :)

In the kitchen... It's looking like a fun food week over here! I re-worked the short rib taco recipe, and the new one is even yummier, so I just have to share it! Plus the photos are prettier. :) Joe and I are going to whip up a few batches of granola, I'm going to try my hand at an old-fashioned banana pudding, an old family favorite pasta, and maybe even another chocolate cake. The search goes on! Besides, it's been a while since I sent a big ole cake to work with the Geologist!

I am going... Tonight, I am going to another choir audition! I took a break from the first choir I joined when we moved here, it wasn't a great fit for me. Lovely choir, not quite as ambitious as I'd like with music choices. I go to church with someone on the board of this new choir, and he gave me tickets to their last concert, and sent me audition information. They're fantastic, and are doing some amazing pieces this coming year (Beethoven's 9th!!!!!!) so I reeeeeaaally hope I make it!! Wish me lots and lots of luck!!

Around the house... Well, turns out the family of creatures living in the chimney are not birds OR squirrels... They're raccoons!! Apparently they love to move into chimneys to have babies, and we're waiting for animal control to come get them out. Until then, the flue is closed, they can't get in, and we get to listen to their nighttime conversations. It's actually kind of entertaining... :)

I am wondering... Where we will be this time next year. I am wondering if all this work we have put into this house will only make it easier to sell. There's quite an uproar around here about "fracking", one of the methods by which oil and gas companies extract stuff from the ground, and there is a bill coming up this September for a state-wide ban. If the ban goes through, The Geologist's company will almost definitely close down this Denver office, and we will probably get sent to Houston. He isn't in much danger of losing his job, but we will definitely have to move. It's hard to fall so in love with this house, and this place, and these people, and know it might all end, yet again, this Fall. So far that's been the story of our life (without the house part), moving on every year or two. I hope, so very much, that we don't have to leave!

One of my favorite things... Homemade whipped cream. As in, you buy the cream at the store (or go milk it from your cow, if you're REALLY lucky), bring it home, whip it up, add just enough sugar and a touch of vanilla or almond (or both!) and dollop it all over whatever scrumptious treat you have cooling on the counter (or bought from the store!). Nothing beats real whipped cream, people. Not the spray stuff, not the freezer stuff, nuthin. And it's really such a cinch! Not to mention it always adds just a touch of impressiveness. 

I am looking forward to... Cooler weather, audition tonight, brother-in-law and family stopping through on Thursday, then a week at the cabin! Heck, it will probably be hotter there than it will be here, which is not usually the case! But a week of hikes, mountain air, and sitting by/in the river sounds heavenly. Second to a three-day rainstorm, of course. :) Further away, toward the end of August, the boys start at a new school, lots closer to our house. I'm going to miss having Joe around as a shopping buddy, but I'm looking forward to an uninterrupted day in which to accomplish things!

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Guilty Pleasures... Jewelry. I call this one a guilty pleasure because I'm always window shopping jewelry I can't afford, and if it really came down to it, there are so many other things to spend a thousand dollars on than a necklace, or bracelet, or whatever. Not to mention I don't really own any clothes nice enough to wear expensive jewelry with! But it's just so pretty, and sparkly! Tons of fun to look at. :)

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  1. Raccoons can be quite destructive. The babies are cute though. Loved your day book as always. I like jewelry, but could never afford the really good stuff. My ex boss had a whole closet filled with nothing but jewelry. Most people have jewelry boxes. She had a closet that was overflowing. It was really wierd! xx


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