June 3, 2014

Weekly Menu June 3

This week we have:
Blackberries and Cream Oats with Honey
Pineapple Cookies with Orange Glaze
Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake

For today, June 3...

Outside my window... Well, it's Summer!! Lots of sun, no rain in sight for a while, the flowers are soaking it all up and the neighborhood pools and splash parks are starting to sound awfully appealing! Luckily, Colorado is one of those glorious Western states that cools off every evening and morning, so we love our evenings in the back yard.

I am thankful... I am thankful for grass without chiggers, cool evenings, splash parks, extra long hoses, swamp coolers, and sunshine. I am thankful for snuggles and hugs and giggles, BBC tv shows, sleeping in and staying up late. I'm thankful for starting over (constantly) learning, and standing up for myself.

I am looking forward to... Mondaaaaay, our new window and french doors are being installed!! It will probably take a few days, and I'll be sure to take before and after pictures, because they're going to be GORGEOUS! And that will be the end of our major renovations for this year. We have a few cosmetic projects planned, and we're going to tackle our garden patches this weekend, but the big stuff will have to wait till another year!

In the kitchen... Not having to plan my baking around the boys' schedule is pretty awesome! I can take advantage of the best hours of light. This week I'm baking up some fun treats for the boys and the office. I'm in love with citrus and berries right now, so expect to see lots of those summery flavors! Also, I've been experimenting with a few classic British recipes, I'm thinking a British theme next week!

I am going... Our trip to Missouri was awesome, but WOW was it a lot of driving! 9ish hours there, but over 11 hours back! My in-laws are moving to St. George, Utah, after serving a mission at a few of our church's historical sites, and they were emptying their house to all of their kids. We were hauling a trailer full of old tools for the Geologist, dishes and a sideboard for me! Quite the treasure trove! Right after we got back, my Mom showed up a whole day early on her drive to bring the family van full of my sister's things out here, so the next few days were spent with her. After being so busy, we're not going ANYWHERE this week, besides daily adventures with the boys.

Source: Pinterest
Around the house... Ohhh, I love my house so much. I know, I know, I say it all the time. But with the colors, and the paneling, and the carpet, it's just my own little slice of heaven. Truly. After nearly 10 years of living in apartments, having my own little house that reflects me, and my dreams, and my favorite things, I know I live in Colorado, and I'm more than a little bit silly, but my goal is for my home to feel like a dreamy English cottage. Roses climbing around the window, a wild country garden, lots of old wood furniture, just that timeless, cozy, relaxing feeling. No modern style in this house, thank you very much! Ooo, speaking of old wood furniture, meet my new treasure, The Queen Anne!
Isn't she lovely?? She's a family heirloom from the Geologist's sister, but not quite her style, so we adopted her. Technically we are caretakers, if any of our neices want her someday, they still have dibs, but she gets to live with us until then! And now I know the name of the type of furniture I adore. Queen Anne!! :)

I am learning... As a Mom, from time to time I have these "Duh" moments. Times when there is something baffling happening in our family dynamic, and when I figure out the source I just *facepalm* myself. I should know this stuff by now, I should see this coming! The boys are bickering more than usual, and Joe is getting frustrated in a split second. And it took me two weeks to figure out why... Joe is used to having me all to himself for about 75% of the day! With Stephen home all day, not only does he not have as much one-on-one time, but he doesn't have as much alone time either. He kinda thrives doing his own thing, but Stephen constantly wants someone to play with. I'm going to set up a loose daily schedule, with some study time and some alone time, to help them not get so sick of each other. And to keep me from sleeping the lovely mornings away!!

Source: Pinterest
One of my favorite things... Wind. Blustering, howling, beating down the door and making the house creak. Sighing, teasing, cooling breezes. Wind on the water, breezes through the trees and the grass, stealing in my windows and wafting around my house... I love wind. I'm a changeable girl, I get tired of weather pretty quick, even those gorgeous sunny summer days. Wind makes every day unique. A sunny day can be lightly breezy, still and silent and scorching, windy and invigorating

I am reading... Usually this is about what book I'm reading, and often I don't update you. Honestly, it's because I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi and it feels very silly. Which, I suppose, is silly of me, because you already like me for who I am, or you wouldn't be reading this silly blog! :) But today, I'm reading blog posts. Life-changing, tear-jerking blog posts. Some of those life bloggers out there, WOW. You inspire me! I wish I could look at life as deeply and wisely as you do! This one is my favorite today: "Let Your Husband Love You". Absolute genius. Us Moms have a glorious, tough job, and sometimes we need a reminder of that man of ours, who supports and and adores us all day long, whether he's in the house or not. He needs some support and adoration too!! Okay, just read the link, she says it infinitely better than I can. I must admit, I wish I had thought of it before she did... ;)

Guilty Pleasures... Salt and Malt Vinegar kettle-cooked potato chips. Mmm, salty and tangy and puckery, gotta be kettle cooked for that extra crunch and those triple folded ones that the Geologist and I totally fight over. The East Coast does these chips better than we do out West, and foret about finding good ones in Missouri! These absolutely count as a guilty pleasure because, let's be honest, they have NO nutritional value, and I can't stop at just a handful. Heck, sometimes I can't stop at one bowl!

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  1. Can't wait to see the new windows and doors! Ah how i long to visit Colorado someday! I want to do some epic hiking there. By the way, Queen Anne is awesome.

  2. Love your lists. Blessings, Catherine

  3. I always love your daybook entries April. I like learning more about you. xxoo

    1. Awww, thanks Marie, I love yours too! And your new "Five Things" posts. I need to go catch up on your posts and comment!! :)


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