May 12, 2014

Weekly Menu May 12

This week we have:
Strawberry Cheesecake Muffins
Chicken Casserole with Lemons, Garlic, and White Wine
Big Soft M&M Cookies

For today, May 12...

Outside my window... You're not going to believe this... Well, actually you might. :)
It's snowing! Has been since yesterday! Luckily, even though there are inches and inches of snow, I don't think we've hit a "hard freeze" yet, so my peonies and cherries should be okay. Even though I am a little concerned about those peonies... They're basically flat... But as long as they haven't snapped, they should be okay, right??

A peek into my day... Because of the snow, (and lack of sleep) I declared a snow day today and kept the boys home. They're currently "skating" on the living room floor in their socks to The Nutcracker. The first thing they did when I told them we weren't going to school was to throw on their snow clothes and head out to build a snowman! It didn't last long, maybe half an hour, because this snow is just SO thick and wet, it's the kind that soaks through your snowpants in a matter of minutes. So we had hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows for second breakfast, and they've been delightful ever since. I'm pretty sure Joe is pretending to be Stephen's pet snowman...

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In the kitchen... Today the boys and I will make cookies, Friday I'm doing breakfast for the office, (yep, I said that last week, I was all mixed up!) really this time, thinking of baking a cake at some point, and maybe biscotti or scones... It's been a while! Plus trying out a new beef enchilada recipe, seeing if it meets The Geologist's standards, and something fun for the weekend. We'll see! And I'll try and keep my kitchen clean this week, I've been a bit of a slob in there the past few weeks and my wonderful husband cleaned it up for me yesterday. It's just so much nicer when it's clean! Although it's kinda dark in there... most of the bulbs are burned out... I should probably get more.

I am thankful... I am thankful for online plant catalogs (dangerous though they may be!!), Skype, my family, my smartphone, my snuggly beast and sweet boyzenberries, my Geologist and my home. I'm SO thankful to live in Denver and not in Houston! I'd much rather have snow in May than no snow ever! I'm thankful for blogging friends and a Mom who almost always knows the answer, for re-discovering Jane Eyre with my sister, and for the gift of being able to plan ahead, because we aren't going anywhere for a while!

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I am hoping... I'm hoping my Mother's day gift to myself (approved by the Geologist) arrives soon!! See, I love blueberries. We used to pick them all the time when we lived in Missouri. But it turns out blueberries just plain don't grow here. They hate the soil. BUT you can grow a few types of blueberries in pots! So I ordered two blueberry plants!! I can't wait till they get here, and I hope like crazy I can make them happy and keep them alive. My own blueberries... can you imagine?? If I can keep them alive, then next year we'll add some raspberries to the yard.

Just for fun: The Geologist and I had a day date down to Colorado Springs to help scout out new homes for my sister when my fam moves out here this summer. I love it down there, so many memories! We found some great options and stuffed ourselves full of yummy food. BBQ, with the best hot wings I've ever had, then a stroll around Old Colorado City, where we found THIS place:
Willy's Tea Room and Emporium
So you know I had to go in! The front was full of fun, silly stuff, mugs and salt shakers and a whole wall of Doctor Who trinkets.
Ah, but the back...
 Full of things I've heard of but never seen (or tasted), things I knew I loved but could never find, things I've actually been looking for to make certain recipes...
Plus an adorable little tea room in back! If we had known this place existed, actually serving crumpets and scones with clotted cream, we wouldn't have stuffed ourselves with BBQ!! Oh well. Just another reason to come back, right?
'Cuz this stash isn't going to last me long! :)

Source: Pinterest
One of my favorite things... Hobnobs!! Oh, how I love Hobnobs! They're like Digestive Biscuits, (which I also love, but not quite as much) but more oaty and crumbley and delicious. Yum! I've been looking for these things for years!! The boys can have the Bourbon Creams, the Hob Nobs are all miiiiine! :) I wonder if you can make them at home... if they'd even come close... hmmm...

I am looking forward to... WEDNESDAY!! Our carpet is being installed on Wednesday!! I can't wait!! No more sweeping dog hair tumbleweeds, no more scratching the floor to bits, and I think Bracken might be a bit more comfortable too. She's been just a bit sore lately, and I never realized how tense she might be, walking on these slippery floors. Not to mention it's going to be pretty! :)

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Guilty Pleasures... In preparation for the carpet guys on Wednesday, The Geologist took our bed frame apart last night, so they won't have to worry about trying to get it out of our room. (Which would be impossible) With our mattress on the floor, and me with a few extra blankets, we let Bracken come snuggle with us. (our bed being protected from the evils of dog hair by a blanket that actually used to be hers) Oh my goodness, it was soooo comfy!! I get why people let their dogs sleep in their beds now. Definitely my new guilty pleasure. We won't make a habit of it, but I've always been tempted to let her sleep with me when The Geologist is out of town, and now that we have a way to keep her hair out of our sheets... I just might make it a tradition!

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